Continuing a sillier theme begun last week by Team Groose, we are now featuring a creative piece by Deviantart user Tchukart. The art is pretty self-explanatory. Link’s days of assaulting cuccos have finally caught up with him! Anywhere he goes he will now be a wanted man due to cucco abuse. I dare say that is a pretty sweet reward, even minus the bottle of milk. The only question is, would you be able to carry 1000 rupees?

If you like this piece of art, you may be interested to know that t-shirts are being sold with this poster featured on the front. Selling for $24.54 on Red Bubble, this is a good way to let the world know that we will no longer put up with Link’s shenanigans! Unite for cucco rights across the board!

Source: Red Bubble
Via: Deviantart
  • Michael Gregson

    Hylian Market rat race got you down? Saddle up with some friends and mosey on down to the Lon Lon Ranch.

    Lon Lon Ranch is most famous for Lon Lon Milk, “Hyrule’s Only Dairy” ™, but it is also home to a stable of champion race horses and show jumpers* available for riding lessons.

    Little ones too young for horse-riding can learn about life as a farm hand as they milk the Lon Lon cows & collect eggs from our chickens**.

    This is a rustic getaway so enjoyable you’ll be saying “CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW! Why didn’t we come here sooner?!”

    * Horses to be ridden around marked track ONLY. Boundary fences are NOT jumps.

    ** Lon Lon Ranch advise that your children DO NOT abuse our poultry. Lon Lon Ranch is not responsible for any injury that may be sustained.

    • Oni Link 303

      ^ I hope its chateau… it better be chateau.

  • Oni Link 303

    Can I hold 1,000 rupees hmmmm… Give me the adult’s wallet and will call it a day 😉

  • Vladislak

    Why put up a wanted poster? You won't find him, I'm sure the cucco's already found him first.

    Now a missing person poster might be more appropriate…

  • Callin

    Forget the milk. A bottle alone is a good reward in these games. 🙂

  • Zelda_Styles10

    Uhhhh am I the only one now afraid of cucoo's…..????