YouTuber Smooth McGroove is back to perform his next Zelda track a capella style. This time around he takes a stab at a very deep and moving piece from Twilight Princess—Midna’s Lament. Smooth’s pitch perfect tones generate the perfect mix of light and dark for this melody; moreover, his smooth whistling (pun intended) accents the flowing chorus nicely.

Listen to the a capella rendition after the jump!

Can you tell which tiles the various sounds are originating from?

Source: YouTube (via GoNintendo)
  • Vladislak

    One of my favorite songs in Twilight Princess, now with a dose of BEARD. Excellent!

  • Daulton

    im in love.

  • Jarmihi

    I'm not sure whether to enjoy this or be scared.

  • gravyfan

    I… have a new role model.

  • Jotaemex

    I think this is a great man xD

  • Jotaemex

    and his cat is so patient 1:53 xD

  • Clayton smith

    U never cease to Amaze me mcgroove!!!! I'd say u r probably the best acapellist I've ever heard!!!!

    Clayton smith

  • morti

    Love the video.

    BTW I can't figure out why does this tune stick out so much in the Zelda fanbase. I personally find it ok, just another ehm…may I say.."cheesy" piano piece, same melody as the whole game. I don't get it. Ok now spam the thumbs down.

    • Thorbre

      I don't know if it's necessarily the song itself, but maybe the emotions during this critical point in the game. Every time i hear the song, it brings me back to exactly that point in the game, and the sadness that was draped over the story (Although the story had much sadness in it already). It felt powerful then, but I have not played through the game since it was new (Just watched NCS's let's play), so I couldn't tell if I would feel anything now. But the game is old enough for people to have grown up with it, almost 7 years is a long time.

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  • Jerry