If you’re new to the concept of 3D printing, it’s a constantly evolving and relatively new art form that is becoming a hobbyist phenomenon. 3D printers use a digital model and recreate it in physical form, adding layers onto material in correspondence with the digital dimensions.

The Hyrule Foundry has created every single quest item from the original NES Legend of Zelda using this very technology, and the results are amazing. Read on to see more, and find out how you can get your hands on them!

Each piece looks exactly like its in-game counterpart, from Link’s iconic swords and shields to even the expendable Rupees and Hearts. You can purchase the whole collection or separate pieces over on Shapeways, with the complete set priced at around $300 and individual pieces $10 each.

Buying it all at once may seem a little steep, though I’m sure the following images will tempt you even more.








There is also a semi-complete set that excludes the potions, because Hyrule Foundry notes these as a “work-in-progress” and plans to create a superior version you see below in the future, with a clear bottle around the printed liquid.

bottle2And finally, to give you an idea of the size of these items, here’s a shot of the sword next to a coin.


Source: Hyrule Foundry (via Geekologie)