You’ve probably heard tons of Zelda fans say that they wish they could live in the games. I’d wager that many would love to live in Hyrule Castle specifically, with its elegant architecture and scenic surroundings. Obviously, any castle is going to make a huge hole in your Giant’s wallet, but this one in particular is even pricier than you may think.

According to a very interesting and humourous infographic from Movato Blog, if Hyrule Castle from Ocarina of Time existed in reality, it would cost you a whopping $113,807,400. There are some very clever methods used to come to this large sum, including compaisons to real-life castles and in-game measurements. It’s pretty expensive, but maybe after Ganondorf destroys and corrupts the area in seven years the value will go down. Hit the jump below and get your mathematics on!

Hyrule Castle Infographic
Source: Movato Blog (via Nintendo Life)