You’ve probably heard tons of Zelda fans say that they wish they could live in the games. I’d wager that many would love to live in Hyrule Castle specifically, with its elegant architecture and scenic surroundings. Obviously, any castle is going to make a huge hole in your Giant’s wallet, but this one in particular is even pricier than you may think.

According to a very interesting and humourous infographic from Movato Blog, if Hyrule Castle from Ocarina of Time existed in reality, it would cost you a whopping $113,807,400. There are some very clever methods used to come to this large sum, including compaisons to real-life castles and in-game measurements. It’s pretty expensive, but maybe after Ganondorf destroys and corrupts the area in seven years the value will go down. Hit the jump below and get your mathematics on!

Hyrule Castle Infographic
Source: Movato Blog (via Nintendo Life)
  • KidWiththeBackpack

    Wow, a lot of research went into this, that's pretty awesome!

  • Ken

    And how much is that in rupees?

  • Taersx

    You might mean 113 million.

    Good article though.

  • ladycheysuli

    Actually, I always wanted to live in the Kokiri Forest.

    • Echon

      I think I'd rather live in a forested area like Kokiri or Ordon too. Treehouses are awesome and the tree themselves would filter out the worst of the light and glare from the sun and keep it cool with all the shade. (My eyes are sensitive to light and I've gotten sick from the glare of it before.)

  • gravyfan

    So the real question is, how many rupees does Link need to buy Hyrule Castle?

    • CEObrainz

      There is an answer for that, whether it's right is up for debate though.

      In Ocarina, a fairy costs 50 Rupees, this is the equivalent of one life as you all know what happens when you die whilst having a fairy in your possession.

      A life in a Mario game is equal to 100 coins. Therefore it can be said that 1 Rupee is equal to 2 Coins.

      According to Vsauce3, one coin in Mario is equal to $79,000.

      Therefore one Rupee is equal to $158,000

      If Hyrule castle costs $113,807,400 to buy in dollars, then in rupees Link will have to pay around 720 Rupees.

      Seems quite cheap though compared to other things in Zelda.

      • gravyfan

        You're right, that seems a bit cheap. 😀

      • lulles

        …I'm… sure that that not it xD

        • CEObrainz

          As I said, this isn't the definitive answer. But realistically rupees would be expensive on our planet due to their size and apparent material. So it wouldn't be too hard seeing 720 rupees being equal to over $113 Million.

          • lulles

            Then we could assume that Hyrule Castle, in Rupees, would cost more than 720, right? Because technically we can get that sum quite fast… lol

          • CEObrainz

            True, I myself would value it between 14 and 15 million rupees to be honest. Otherwise everyone in Zelda would be living in castles if all they had to do was cut down some bushes and break pots every now and then. 🙂

      • Rikki

        I saw the Vsauce video on that but wouldn't the price of Lon Lon Milk be a better comparison since we can use the real world equivalent of a gallon of milk. There's no fairies for sell in the real world and the price for a life is very debatable.

        • CEObrainz

          That would be a good comparison, but it could be argued that our milk doesn't have the same magical properties like the one in Zelda. That being said, there are many different prices for a gallon of milk so you would have to find some sort of average and use that, and I don't have that kind of time anymore…lol

  • Hylian Hero

    Can you do the one in Twilight Princess?

  • Dark Link fan

    Oh, wow! That's lot of money. O.O Though, I don't think I'd be willing to build the castle but I could rent a room from there. So, how much a room for a month or few or even for life would cost? ^.- And it would be nice to know the value in rupees too! =D Plus it really would be nice to know how much for example $1 is in rupees. 😉

  • Ericzander

    Geez, and that's without anything in it!

  • Tawm5

    That would be 6244612038.00 Rupees. You’re welcome guys.

  • Mickii

    If a rupee were the equivalent of a dollar, it wouldnt be too hard too hard to buy it if Hyrule Castle were on the market in the game… of course, theres that horribly limited wallet… I would be fine living in Kakariko, anyways xD

  • lulles

    Your comment about Ganondorf made me lol

  • Logan

    how much would skyloft cost?

    • sIR cAPS

      Well first you you have to make some sort of anti-gravitational field machine to make the land that is supposed to be Skyloft float, which would cost a ton on money and research in itself…

  • Michael

    probably would be more expensive if it were hyrule castle in twilight princess

  • MikeL

    Inches? Feet? Sqft?

    Use real units of measurements, please.

  • castles are expensive nowadays i wish money was as easy to find as it is in Zelda games id be a rich man.

  • MangoSellsHomes

    Great looking place but the upkeep must cost a lot MangoSellsHomes