Welcome back to Fanart Friday! Today we have a simple, yet heartwarming piece by deviantart user nuv. For those of us who have completed Skyward Sword, it no doubt reminds us of one of the ending cut scenes. While there are not a bunch of things to notice about this picture, I did lock onto Link’s shield rather quickly. In this piece of art, Link has the Goddess Shield equipped which got me to thinking about how many people prefer that look to the Hylian Shield look. It fits this picture really nicely though, as the theme is the Goddess.

This picture already gives off a peaceful feeling, but it means so much more because of the game it portrays. As the title suggests, this is a literal picture of the chronological beginning of the Zelda series. As the first legend ends, it begins many others. The moment captured here represents what all other Zelda stories are based off of. I immediately took a liking to this fanart when I ran across it because it gave off a true ‘Zelda feel’. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!