Piglets replaced Cuccos in The Wind Waker, serving as the new wild animal that Link could interact with. Of course, while they were infinitely more adorable, they lacked the one ability that their feathered adversaries had: flight. In the latest instalment of Nintendo Everything‘s web series Eggbusters, your host Austin corrects Mother Nature’s mistakes.

In celebration of National Prime Rib Day (yup, that’s a thing), all three glitches in this episode focus on our porky pals, and each one sees them being released into the air in some way. He may have slain Ganondorf, but let’s see how Link fares against the might of the NSPCA.

All glitches appear to be incredibly easy to accomplish if you follow the instructions. Thought Link’s farewell was sad? Wait until you see all-grown-up Link the pig float away towards the ocean. You can also launch him across Outset Island, and allow the Windfall Island piggies to swim through the air. With flying skills like that, you won’t be makin’ bacon out of these critters!

Source: YouTube