Bill Trinen

There is certainly a lot to look forward to as a Zelda fan. With a remake, sequel and a brand new game, there’s something for everyone with The Wind Waker HD, A Link to the Past 2 and the untitled Wii U instalment. But how on Earth does Nintendo manage all three games simultaneously?

Nintendo of America translator Bill Trinen offered us some insight into the development process when talking to Kotaku, and it’s pretty interesting.

“They kind of shuffle people in and out, so they’ll sort of have their core group, but then they’re bringing new people in and out, so that helps bring in fresh ideas. Each of the different games will have their main lead director, or maybe depending on the game, they may have two…Generally the way that the Zelda team operates is they may have one or two people who carry over or take the lead, but they do a lot of kind of jumping in and out in terms of moving from handheld to console, or vice-versa.”

This is a clever approach, as it undoubtedly keeps employees mentally active when switching between titles. It also allows for new inspiration and ideas on a regular basis with new people constantly being introduced to the projects and encouraged to provide their own ideas. It seems Nintendo’s headquarters are as organised and unique as ever, and all three games are in good hands.

Source: Kotaku (via Nintendo Everything)