Eggbusters host Austin sure loves Zelda. Having previously exploited the glitches in Ocarina of Time and returned to Twilight Princess a second time, the show sees another Zelda revisit in the latest video.

In this redux episode, Link paddles through the air (and into the sun!) when a sunny day of swimming at Lake Hylia goes very wrong, and the entirety of Hyrule Field turns into an endless haze of sinister green mist. Seriously, it gets pretty weird after that point. What’s more, these glitches appear to be incredibly easy to do, and yet are infinitely amusing. Hit the jump and see for yourself, and why not boot up your copy of Ocarina and join in?

Source: YouTube
  • Destiny

    11:06 it coming to get me! 12:33 Ahhh! A man! 12:42 what beautiful horse butt u got there Epona! Lol my fav parts! 🙂

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    These videos are great, I'll have to try some of these glitches some time.

  • RPH1

    "Swimming underneath worlds and exploring dense, creepy fog are 2 of my favorite things to do in real life, so I figured, let's do it in Ocarina of Time."

    Doesn't his accent sound like Anakin Skywalker in the 2nd and 3rd episodes?

    What does "yeah, no" mean? Yes or no?

    • The_fuzz_buzz

      Either one lol

  • Moo

    That "owl" was the wolf noise that happens at night, and it sounded weird because you were underwater

  • lol

    OMG that green fog is so cool

  • lol