Zelda Rubber Ducks

Thanks to portable games, clothing, manga and toys, you can take the Zelda series almost anywhere you want in some form. But there’s one place you can’t yet enjoy the series: in the tub. At least, not without putting your 3DS in danger of a watery grave. Enter these rubber duck adaptations of Midna and Wolf Link, perhaps some of the strangest yet adorable custom Zelda crafts ever. Each appear to be hand-painted, replicating Midna’s blue-black patterned skin and Wolf Link’s fur. Even the heads are given unique features, with Midna’s headgear and Wolf Link’s spiky mane.

Zibbet seller DuckandCover sells rubber ducks themed around various video games and animes. One such listing from the seller caught my eye last month, which consisted of a set of rubber ducks themed on the Pokemon legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. There have also been Avengers, Doctor Who and Batman ducks.

Unfortunately those are no longer available, nor is the Midna duck you see above. It seems these are sold seperately and in limited quantities, so those interested in that Wolf Link duck may want to snap it up quick!

Source: Zibbet