Nintendo has just announced that a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is on its way for the Nintendo 3DS. The game will feature new dungeons and a new storyline, and Link will be able to transform into a moving wall drawing, which will switch the camera perspective and allow some new gameplay mechanics.

According to Nintendo Europe President Satoru Shibata, “What we want to achieve with this new Zelda game is to reinvigorate the flat 2D world of A Link To The Past with the sense of height and volume using the three-dimensional display of Nintendo 3DS.

With it, it’s easier to differentiate levels in the environment and we can truly utilise height differences in dungeons as a puzzle-solving mechanic. While this game is set in the game world of A Link To The Past it features entirely new dungeons and an original story arc.”

Hit the jump for the video of the official announcement (Update: and now screenshots!)

ALTTP2 Screenshot 1

ALTTP2 Screenshot 2

ALTTP2 Screenshot 3

ALTTP2 Screenshot 4

ALTTP2 Screenshot 5

Source: Nintendo Direct
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  • Arya Stark

    I'm throwing money at the screen, but nothing is happening!

  • Arya Stark

    I’m throwing money at the screen, but nothing is happening!

  • TwiliMidona

    I was hyperventilating when I saw the pictures. Zelda 3DS is here!!!! And it's the sequel to aLttP!!!!

  • That Guy

    My body was nowhere near ready for this news, but I'll live! Though while I do love Zelda, I think ALttP has enough sequels (OoS, OoA, LA), but hey, that's just me.

  • Trip

    What I want is a remake of LA.

  • MDH

    The graphics look a little bit bland, but I really love how there are so many visual throwbacks to ALttP in the game's entire visual design! And that oldschool-looking Link! And that wall drawing mechanic! And that utilization of 3D! AND that fairly close release date!!

  • This is beautiful. Welcome back, Magic Meter!

    • Triguy123

      You beat me to it! :' D Tears of joy to its return! Sigh… this hype is gripping my hope soooooo strongly right now to discover Ice Arrows in Zelda Wii U. O M!!! IIIKE !!!G

  • Link

    well…….I guess it's kinda cool. but turning into a wall glyph? or drawing, whatever. you turn into a wall drawing? I don't understand how that is gunna work. and I'm not sure it's gunna be that cool. I guess we'll have to see how it goes. wounder what the story will be…..

    • Link

      well, now seeing the screen shots it is looking better. I guess I see what they mean by becimeing a wall picture (didn't bother to watch the video) so I guess it is interesting. it is also interesting that they are bringing back the 2D style and that it looks much like a simply enchanced ALttP. anybody notice that screen shot of him in the air? he looks odd…..but at the same time I can't help thinking something in side of me kinda likes it.

  • Canyarion

    You really need to watch this in 3D on the 3DS! So impressively beautiful.

  • Lucius Optimus

    YEAH!!! This a good day for Zelda!

    • skullkid

      no. this is a good day for videogames!

  • Topaz Mutiny

    I'm now celebrating the end of Toon Link's reign on the handheld systems. No offense to the Wind Waker line, but that style was so prolific it started to annoy me.

    • This Link looks suspiciously like Toon Link though.

      • Hylian_Knight

        He looks like AlttP link only in 3D to me. Toon Link had those big, almond black, black eyes and was cell shaded in bright colors. Unless you mean the base, cause the base of the body looks like it was based off toon link a bit. I don't mind that as much, as all the toon link games having the same face and outfit, it was really hard to tell which link was from which game cause they all looked like Windwaker. xD

  • TriforceChicken

    Diagonal attacks? Shut up and take my rupees!

  • Hylian_Knight

    I just piddled a little…..

    : D

  • Tim Grayson

    I am excited about this and I am sure it will be a great game, but I was just kinda bummed out that they are going back to the 2d birds eye view look. I was hoping we would get a link to the past sequel that kinda functioned like ocarina of time 3ds.

  • HyruleHistory10


    • FabioD

      Yeah, I assume you use magic instead of Arrows – Which is pretty cool because magic seems to regenerate fairly quickly on its own.

  • alttpisthebest

    hes moving with the touch screen like the ds games. thanks nintendo, for ruining the sequel to my favorite game of all time.

    • Nick

      I don't think so. If he was using the touch screen to move, it would be near impossible to press A to do actions, but it clearly says he's pressing A to throw

    • the first screenshot shows the gameplay on the top screen

    • Myk1217

      Use your head, please. It's pretty clear that the 3D effect will play a prominent role in the gameplay. And which screen has the 3D effect? The top screen. Also, did you forget that the 3DS has that thumb-pad? It's pretty clear that the gameplay will be on the top screen, and you'll control with the thumb-pad and buttons. I'm assuming the touch screen will serve the same function it does in OoT3D: selecting inventory and checking your map.

      • Metal Man

        It's true that the gameplay is on the topscreen, and the gameplay will probably be more focused around buttons instead of that touch screen garbage, that's not enough evidence to be 100% sure that you won't control with the touchscreen. Just because the gameplay isn't on the same screen as the touchscreen doesn't mean you can't control it from it. There's nothing "clear" about it. I really hope that's not the case though, I hated the DS Zelda games because of that.

    • Yepitspat

      video of actual gameplay from a first person POV

  • Erza Scarlet

    I beat ALttP 14 times, and still have my SNES plugged in. ._.

    … it's about time.

    Arigato Nintendo! 😀

    • RPH1

      My SNES is hooked up to one of my 3 hole-plug slots on the back of my tv right now, and ALTTP in in the game slot. I have solved ALTTP more than any other Zelda game, but no where near 14 times.

      When I read the headline on here, I said "Yes!" out loud, even though I was alone at the time. I texted my Mom, who solved it twice in the 90s, about ALTTP2. She texted back "COOL!!!".

  • badwolf

    Hey, it's a great 1 day late birthday present for me. love it.

  • Vladislak

    It's about time new content was developed for the fallen hero timeline. Can't wait to go old school again.

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    Okay Nintendo, take all my money. I was actually just playing ALttP earlier today. 😀 With this and Earthbound coming to Wii U virtual console… yeah I better save up my money… also for Wind Waker HD. Maybe a job would be a good idea.

  • brian torres

    Nope nope looks like im buying 2 zelda games this year …

  • kaiser13576

    Great, now my copy of Hyrule Historia is out of date.

    • Keimori

      Well given the nature of printed guides to ongoing series, this was bound to happen sooner or later.

      Trust me, I'm a Pokémon fan, I got like 6-7 "Complete Pokedex" books

  • Loco4Loki

    The only way I was going to buy a 3DS is if there is a new Zelda game and now finally one has come! OFF TO BUY A 3DS! 😀

    • RPH1

      You need to download OoT 3D from the eShop, since you must have missed that in 2011. I bought my 3DS for that and ended up with 5 Zelda games on that console. Now I am about to get Z-LA and OOA and OOS when I get a new SD card.

    • Keimori

      If you care for RTS my I suggest you nab a copy of Fire Emblem Awakening while you're at it?

    • Triforce of the Gods

      Also Luigi's Mansion 2/Dark Moon. Great game.

  • Sahasrala!

    But why is his hair blonde? Must not be the same Link.

    • veeronic

      you are actually asking why his hair isn't pink

      • Triforce of the Gods

        Some people love the pink hair, man. I do.

    • Lombrero

      His hair was pink in the game, but it has always been red/orange in the concept art.

    • UnholySanctuary

      The technical limitations of the SNES would not let the game render Link's hair color right (it was meant to be blonde all along).

  • Sahasrala!

    I wonder if there will be a Dark World again. ALTTP ended with Link getting the Triforce. I'm really curious of what they are doing for the story.

  • Bloop

    Weeelll, his hair was blonde in the artwork for the GBA version of the game, so I guess they're going for that canon. It's sort of a dirty blonde.

    • Bloop

      Whoops, this was meant to be a reply.

  • Bloop

    Please tell me you don't move with the stylus, I HATED that mechanic.

    • Sahasrala!

      With the 3ds there is hope! I'm gunna guess and say no.

    • Pengi


  • RPH1

    When I played ALTTP, the 1st time, I was hoping I would get to walk around in the Golden World, or the healed Light World, then it just ran the credits. Maybe it carries on right where Link left off, like Phantom Hourglass starts with Link's vacation after Wind Waker.

    • Sahasrala!

      That would be pretty fucking awesome!

  • Mahboi

    *pulls out ocarina and spams Song of Double Time*

  • Sinni

    Hey guys, I'm from Aus so I'm hoping you can clear something up for me: the Nintendo America guy said that it would be released 'Holiday Season'. Is that Xmas holiday or summer holiday in the US??

    • Bloop

      Holiday season usually means Christmas time.

    • Keimori

      In North America "Holiday Season" always refers to the period of winter holidays in the second half of December. (I.E. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, ETC.)

      In business terms, the "Holiday season" usually refers to the period of time people use to prepare for such holidays, a vague block of time that usually takes place between November first and New Years.

      But for game releases this period can usually be narrowed down to mid November in the name of getting the product out in time for the Christmas shopping rush.

    • Triforce of the Gods

      Summer is never referred to as a holiday season here, it's just a vacation period since only people who go to school get off for it. People still work, but they also get off for Christmas/New Years hence holiday season.

  • Keimori

    Well I'm excited!

  • Beedle's Shop


  • Salim Issimdar

    Wouldn't it be great if Nintendo ground-pounded themselves out of the video-game industry? On the off chance that my memory fails me, wasn't the next 3DS Zelda game meant to be "wholly original" or have I mistranslated a direct quote? Instead, as per usual with good ol' Ninty, we get a recycled bastardization of an unquestionable classic and a tepid attempt to rekindle that same joy which players experienced whilst playing titles from the golden era such as the legendary 'A Link to the Past'. This is a seriously depressing trend and quite possibly why I find myself playing so very few games nowadays. What can only be little more than an unabashed, quick-fire, cookie-cutter regurgitation of a title, this leisurely activity is becoming ever the more distant to the innovation I remember and ever the more difficult to justify. If you were to search for the discernible differences between the modern day takes of Ninty's age old franchises you'd be hard-pressed to find anything significant. You would find, however, a universal gasp for air, a yearning for distinction, a cry for creativity. Indeed, if all else fails rely on a gimmick; it's the Ninty way after all (paper tricks AGAIN in this case). I have to question whether Nintendo are capable of producing a game with pure, no-frills-attached and challenging game-play anymore. They're forever procrastinating. What is nostalgia? It is binding yourself to a skewed perception of some thing, place or idea which shields you from objectivity. I will never warm to these homages as they bring up memories of shortcomings above all else and, as history is my witness, I have no doubt that this game will be testament to that. I hereby revoke my passion for video-games, playing them is now merely an arbitrary activity which I may partake in. Dear Nintendo, please leave my childhood alone. It has done nothing to you. Enjoy your gimmicks alone.

    Kind regards,

    'A former friend, a former Nintendo gamer'

    • Mahboi

      Bro, it's a sequel. Not a remake. Cheers.

    • Q_Q

      For someone that uses high-level diction, you do seem to have trouble READING what others write; perhaps it is a sense of arrogance on your own part that prevents you from doing so. As It was already stated, this game is A SEQUEL (most likely a direct one) to the SNES classic, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, NOT a remake of an already amazing game.

      As Miyamoto said, he isn’t interested in making remakes as much as he is making new games. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2 is most likely a placeholder name so that fans can see what game it proceeds at the moment, however, the title is subject to change and most likely will before its debut. I can safely bet if they would have used: The Legend of Zelda 3DS as a placeholder name, you wouldn’t be complaining as much, but as with most people who only view things superficially, you didn’t see past its current name. Blatantly assuming things without any evidence or common sense to back you up makes you look like an ignorant fool, it also gives away the bias you have against Nintendo.

      I’d judge it’s also safe to assume you are one of the pessimistic Zelda ‘fans’ who complain about every little thing because Nintendo doesn’t make a game EXACTLY how your minority opinion wants. Well, in-case you did not know, Nintendo doesn’t cater to the minority; something that is rare nowadays with all the game developers and publishers making games for the ‘Tryhard’, ‘MLG’, ‘Hardcore’, ADHD gamers who enjoy running around a game with good graphics, special effects, and cutscenes mindlessly shooting things. This is because those developers/publishers lack the experience to make a game that focuses on… *drumroll*… GAMEPLAY and REPLAY VALUE, and instead cater to a vocal minority which ends up ruining an otherwise good video game series for everyone else. Nintendo, however, does focus on the aforementioned game characteristics, which is one reason why the vast majority of ‘Top 10 games of all time’ polls, official publications lists, and readers choice lists feature NINTENDO games for 5 or more of those top 10 games.

      One thing you, and those like you don’t seem to fully comprehend is that there’s somewhere around 20 Zelda games, and that making a new Zelda game will inevitably use characteristics of previous Zelda games, lest they NOT be classified as a Zelda game. If Nintendo were to follow your opinion on making a game, we would end up with an abomination, not resembling any Zelda game except for namesake. It would be so polarizing to the Zelda fanbase, that virtually no one will (relatively speaking) buy, play, and complete said game. Criticizing Nintendo for doing something they are good at is a foolhardy statement indeed.

      Bottom line, do not complain about Nintendo making a Zelda game, they don’t cater to you, contrary to what you believe, they DO know what they are doing. So the next time you decide to write some overly ornate criticism of Nintendo, try using a nifty little thing invented hundreds of years ago: Common Sense before clicking submit.

  • Leloop

    I'm wonder whether or not this game will be set in hyrule. I know they said it is set in the same world as ALTTP but maybe Link leaves to save a neighbouring land again? I know this idea has been done before in the hand held systems, specifically in this very arc. I only ask this because the ALTTP Link is the same as OOA and OOS, so was there an attack on Hyrule during the short time before he left? Unless this game is set after link returns to Hyrule, which is after Link's awakening??

    • Triforce of the Gods

      The small patch of overworld we've seen so far matches up perfectly with the area right outside the entrance to Death Mountain in ALttP.

  • Mikkel

    honestly, this is the worst looking zelda game i have ever seen! even tough i loved lttp! the worst part is; i got no choise but to buy it to my zelda collection :'(

  • Sahasrala!

    I really hope they made some changes to the overworld other than the graphics.

  • Rupee

    Holy shit, I just found this. The actual GAMEPLAY:

  • DarkOwl

    Is it just me who finds it saddening that the game was announced in this way? The video above appears more like an infomercial rather than a trailer. The unique elements (ie. the 3D height and the wall-painting Link) were explained outright, and so too was the position in the timeline. There was no teaser or cryptic build-up, and there was no dramatic soundtrack. Essentially, the announcement itself is really dull! It worries me that if the developers can't get excited about this game, then how are we supposed to?

  • DarkOwl

    Second comment for a second issue: graphics. Oh how I despise the DS / 3DS feeble attempts at reproducing 3D, especially overhead 3D. Overhead 2D is fine: the Minish Cap is one of my favourite Zelda games. (Sorry guys, I just preferred it gameplay-wise over ALttP!) It just seems to me like the interface between different textures used in overhead 3D blur. 2D textures, by contrast, are very sharp and vibrant. For example, compare: http://medialib.computerandvideogames.com/screens

  • Destiny

    Cool, I guess this means I really need to go out and buy a 3ds then!

  • Akhaten

    !!! yellow hat band, nintendo really does pay attention to detail!

  • Hylian Hero

    The wall-Link kinda looks like the Link from WW's beginning story!

  • Hylian Hero

    The wall-Link kinda looks like the Link in WW's beginning story

  • james

    well hyrule historia needs to ad a little bit more to its pages when this game comes out

  • Does anyone else have the urge to Walk Like an Egyptian after seeing Link's walking in the wall segments?

  • This a good day for zelda 🙂