With Friday comes fan art! Today we have a more unconventional take on two of the franchise’s main characters, with deviantart user Pertheseus giving Zelda and Link an eastern theme. Specifically, the clothing and weaponry are typical of ancient Japan, kind of appropriate when you consider where The Legend of Zelda was created. It got me to thinking what an ancient Japan theme would look and feel like in an actual Zelda game. Traditionally, Link’s style has remained about the same, with the places and people surrounding him maintaining a more classic fairytale look than anything else.

Definitely a well done piece, with attention to detail evident. Although I think Link is already a bit of a ninja, I can’t help but yearn for a fully-fledged ninja Link. Pure awesomeness!

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  • syobonaction

    Zelda has always been and Eastern take on Zelda..

  • Hydra

    I'm pretty sure this image has been posted here before (quite a while ago), but no biggie; It's an interesting picture.

  • RPH1

    "Coming up next on Cartoon Network …"

    This has so many nice details. Zelda has always had a Midieval European take. There was that Old West version of Zelda on Youtube, last year. What other cultures could Zelda be turned into?

    • Echon

      I've seen Nordic/Celtic Link:

      The artist, McKiller, also did reimaginings of Zelda and Ganon which look pretty nice too.

      • RPH1

        Wow, there are some talented on there. Thanks for the Link.

        • Echon



    yeah and yall know BEN? BEN BEN BEN BEN

  • Sage_of_Winds

    Issun and Amaterasu are looking pretty e–I mean, Link and Zelda look epic in traditional Japanese attire.

  • veeronic

    could you please remove the king and the abomination from you're banner soon?

  • ijuin

    So, is it a Master Katana now?

  • Yeah, so actually 'fully' isn't a noun, so you can lose the hyphen.

  • Brian McInnis

    Good title, so unusual to see Japanese characters depicted in a Japanese fash- oh wait I forgot, that's not even remotely unusual.

    • gravyfan

      It is definitely more unusual to see Zelda characters depicted in any different form than the medieval form they take in the games. Unusual is by default a relative term, and should be treated as such. Meaning, that the amount of fan art produced with this medieval Japanese theme is much less common than the traditional in game theme.

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