Have you ever wanted to cosplay as Link but had absolutely no idea how to begin making a Hylian Shield replica? Your confusion and blundering attempts to craft such a shield can now be alleviated thanks to this wonderful step-by-step guide by Leeroy, a blogger on Little people, Big worlds, which is a blog that offers tutorials for making sci-fi and fantasy crafts.

Leeroy explains that he fell in love with the Zelda series when he was only five-years-old and his love for the series inspired him to craft a Hylian Shield. This particular shield replica measures 25cm tall (10 inches) and 12mm thick; however, scaling the project to a larger, more realistic size is perfectly possible. The construction of this Hylian shield is great for beginner craftsmen because it requires only a few materials:

  • 2.8mm Plyboard
  • Epoxy Filler
  • Buttons
  • Water Based Paint
  • Clear Gloss Lacquer
  • Sandpaper
  • Jigsaw and Rotary Tool

To learn how to get started, head over to Little people, Big worlds. (Note: This is part one of the tutorial. Part two, which will detail how to make the back of the shield and straps, should be released in the near future, so be sure to check back at Little people, Big worlds regularly.)

Source: Little people, Big Worlds (tipped by Hombre)