David Ramos: Ocarina player

How many of you out there decided to learn to play the ocarina after playing Ocarina of Time? David Ramos is one Zelda fan who did just that. He’s not the only one, but his wanting to try an instrument from a video game turned into a real passion for the ocarina.

Not only has he been making videos covering Zelda and other game music on YouTube, he’s been teaching others to play and raising awareness of the instrument in general. Hit the jump to see some of his Zelda music videos and a little more about what the game has inspired him to do.

David is known as Docjazz4 on YouTube. He’s covered several Zelda songs, often on several different ocarinas at the same time!

Check out his YouTube channel for more. He’s also been doing original work and is currently trying to fund his first album via Kickstarter, which you can support if you’d love to see his work continue.

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