Many would claim both Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 to be among the greatest games of all time, becoming pinnacles in the adventure and platforming genres respectively and introducing Nintendo games in 3D graphics. It would make sense, then, that these two games were also some of Shigeru Miyamoto’s favourites to work on.

In another snippet from his ABC interview, he discusses developing games in the N64 era and why it was some of the most fun he’s had in his career.

“I have a lot of fun making all the games, even surprisingly the ones that have a lot of challenges to solve or they take a lot of time to finally bring together into final form… Even those ones I have a lot of fun, and the ones where we have a lot of freedom to make the games, those are fun to make.”

“But, I guess, thinking back, probably Super Mario 64 and the original Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. That era was the first time we were taking games and bringing in this new 3D technology, building the rules and the framework through which games would be depicted in 3D, I think, probably made those the most fun games to work on.”

“In working with some of the younger staff members, and when they have a question on a project and say, “I don’t know who to go to to find the answer to this question,” I’m always the type that says, “Well, if you don’t know who has the answer, then simply make the answer yourself.” I have a lot more fun when we’re making up the rules as we go along.”

It’s always nice to be reminded of Miyamoto’s passion and how he enjoys working on games just as we enjoy playing them. I think that “make the answer yourself” line could be a new memorable quote from Shigsy there!

Source: ABC (via My Nintendo News)
  • Randall

    the Nintendo 64 Era was Revolutionary, and people forget that (because Playstation dominated the sales). N64 really introduced us to 3d concepts (super mario 64 and Zelda: OOT) that are still regarded as some of the greatest games of all time. Everyone tried to copy Nintendo, but they did it best (still happens today with the PSMove). I can't wait to see how they implement the Wii U controller with 3d games like Mario and Zelda.

    • ganondork123

      sony is run by a bunch of lay nerds who just copy everyone elses ideas

  • lulles

    Miyamoto's existence make's me happy TvT

  • Angel

    I wonder who will take on his legacy after he moves on?