Happy Mask Sales T-shirt Design - Green

The Zelda franchise is a gold mine when it comes to t-shirt designs. Characters, catchphrases a plethora of various items and even songs that have appeared in Zelda games over the years are all recognizable, even to people who never played a Zelda game.

The newest addition to GamePrint’s library of gaming t-shirts is the Happy Mask Sales design. This t-shirt shows the three magical masks that allow Link to shapeshift during his adventures in Termina: the Deku, Goron and Zora masks. The locations where the Happy Mask Salesman can be found are written as well.

Happy Mask Sales T-Shirt - Brown

The t-shirt is avalable in brown and green and can be bought at GamePrint‘s online shop for £18. For our friends in the US, it is roughly equal to $28.

What do you think?

 Happy Mask Sales T-Shirt - Green

Sources: GamerPrint (via Zelda Dungeon)
  • Darkly

    the T-shirts look amazing, it's interesting that the US pays more for items.
    The masks look great, it would be fun to have real life powers from masks

    • Ben

      Well there is a whole thing where your money is worth more. I'd say something about shipping, but that's an extra $7.50~

      • Darkly

        I'm from the UK. I've often found money differences interesting.
        What I don't like though is when a person on US TV tries to talk like a British person on TV it sounds nothing like a person from here at all.

        • Ben

          Lol, yeah. Getting 1/3 of the accent down from one region or another, not realizing the difference between regions.

          • ijuin

            Accents from anywhere always sound bad when done by somebody who does not know what they are doing. Poorly-done British and Australian attempts at American accents sound just as odd. Deep South accent does not equal Texas drawl does not equal "Oakie" Oklahoma does not equal Southern California does not equal Northern California, etc, and that's just the most prominent accents of the southern half of the country.

          • Darkly

            on the Simpsons the Grounds keeper willy, In real life no Scottish person talks at all like him. I find it easy to understand, I'm not Scottish.

            I noticed on the Jermery Kyle show the UK version that people that start complaining on the show are really difficult to understand. and then most gets bleeped because there swearing.

  • Hylian Dude

    I love that shirt… but it’s too expensive. 🙁

  • Darkly

    I admit the T-shirts still look great

  • james blond

    seriously.. i always buy teefury or qwertee shirts and those are like 10 dollars/euros each ._. this is waay too much for a cool shirt imo xP

  • heddo

    just shut up and take my money