Happy Mask Sales T-shirt Design - Green

The Zelda franchise is a gold mine when it comes to t-shirt designs. Characters, catchphrases a plethora of various items and even songs that have appeared in Zelda games over the years are all recognizable, even to people who never played a Zelda game.

The newest addition to GamePrint’s library of gaming t-shirts is the Happy Mask Sales design. This t-shirt shows the three magical masks that allow Link to shapeshift during his adventures in Termina: the Deku, Goron and Zora masks. The locations where the Happy Mask Salesman can be found are written as well.

Happy Mask Sales T-Shirt - Brown

The t-shirt is avalable in brown and green and can be bought at GamePrint‘s online shop for £18. For our friends in the US, it is roughly equal to $28.

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 Happy Mask Sales T-Shirt - Green

Sources: GamerPrint (via Zelda Dungeon)