CD-i Zelda games

Dear Nintendo,

I am writing to you with a request for a Virtual Console release. Before you dismiss this letter along with the hundreds of other Virtual Console release requests that you no doubt receive each month, I implore you to hear me out because I have done research and can guarantee that these games would sell rather well. The games I am referring to are Link: The Faces of Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon and Zelda’s Adventure.

I am well aware that these games were never actually released on a Nintendo console, instead appearing on the Phillips CD-i, and understand your reluctance to release them for this reason. However, these games were well-received at the time of their release and are considered among the best games for the CD-i. It is unfortunate that the CD-i itself did not sell nearly as well as the Nintendo console that was out at the same time, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Imagine how well they would have sold if they had appeared on the Super Nintendo at the same time?

Unlike the other Zelda games, the CD-i Zelda titles have never been re-released. This means that more gamers are likely to buy them from the Virtual Console because they don’t have other copies. I have not bought The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time because I already own it for the Nintendo 64, GameCube and 3DS. I would however buy CD-i Zelda games because not only do I not already have copies of them, I missed out on playing them when they were released in the 90s. Zelda is one of Nintendo’s premier series with many, many fans, and any true Zelda fan would loathe the idea of not being able to play Zelda games. Releasing these games on Virtual Console would make them accessible to Zelda fans worldwide. It is not very easy to buy copies of these games elsewhere. From time-to-time, copies will surface on eBay, however gamers are so eager to get their hands on them that they often sell for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. It would be crazy to ignore demand like that!

CD-i Zelda games on ebay

A recent poll conducted here on the Zelda Universe forums revealed that 73% of Zelda fans would play these games if they were indeed released on Virtual Console, especially if they were sold at a reasonable price. Most fans have heard about these games via the internet and would love to at the very least try them out of curiosity.

So Nintendo, please regain any rights from Phillips, whip up some CD-i emulation software for the Virtual Console and let a new generation of gamers experience these greats that are a part of the history of one of gaming’s most legendary franchises.

Kind regards,
Webmaster, Zelda Universe

P.S. If you hear any negative comments about these games and are thinking about pretending they don’t exist, remember that there will always be a few haters no matter what the game is, and they can’t stay hidden on the Internet.

  • XCuber2

    A few haters? Really?? These games were aweful, Nintendo is aware of this.

  • Icefox337

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're not that expensive because they're good games. They may be the CD-i's most popular or even "best" games, but that in no way means they're good. Besides, they're technically not Nintendo games, and releasing them on Virtual Console could fool the unknowing into thinking that Nintendo made these…. "different" titles.

  • Nick

    oh god please no

  • Adam

    This is a horrible idea and I can't believe anyone actually sent this letter to Nintendo. There's so much wrong with this. Just check out some youtube videos and it becomes pretty blatantly obvious these games are awful in almost every respect. Nintendo didn't even want these games made if I recall correctly. The contract between phillips and Nintendo had a loop hole that allowed them to make these horrible games with the Zelda name, likely just to have something of "worth" grace the lousy system. I'm glad whoever got this letter/email promptly deleted or tossed it as there is no other appropriate response. Aside from possibly writing back to inform you that this is a God awful idea. Take ten dollars and burn it. You just spent that ten dollars more wisely than if you'd have gotten either of these.

  • Link

    Nintendo wants to forget these things ever existed for a reason. there's absolutely no way they are bringing them back. and there's also the same and similar reasons that they are "hidden" on the interenet insted of just being on the internet.

  • jlmdroid

    You are NOT A TRUE LEGEND OF ZELDA FAN if you don’t wanna play these games. We all know that the original Legend of Zelda for the NES was one of the best releases of all time, despite its poor graphics and lack of story line. I love that game to death. You’re pathetic if you don’t wanna play these cd-i games, and you should NOT have a Zelda Universe account. You’re not a Zelda fan, so get the **** out.
    However impossible this idea may be, A re-release would be awesome.

    • Keiggy

      Oh, I'm sorry. How DARE I refuse to play 3 non-Nintendo titles with the name "Zelda" on it?! How DARE I not play any of the Zelda fanmade games? I truly am NOT a Zelda fan, NOT AT ALL! Forget me ever playing all official Zelda titles! That doesn't make me a true fan, not at all. I haven't played the CD-i games, and that's TRULY WHERE THE "TRUE FAN" TITLE IS AT! Thanks, jlmdroid, for opening my eyes. I will now go weep in a corner, for my entire life is a lie, for I am not a true fan…

    • Darkly

      your comment is a bit harsh, to lose your account. I bet there are some different Legend of Zelda games people never got to play which not on the CD-i. Are you saying they should lose there accounts for that as well.
      On some sites like when they talk about Zelda games they sometimes mention voice actors, but people comment saying it would mess up a game.

      When thinking about it if Sony wasn't going to take the SNES games away apart of some contract they had at one time,
      Would Sony of made these games instead, that might mean possibly no other playstation consoles.
      Would Zelda be able to move around better, would Zelda use attacks better.

    • Kaynil

      There is a difference between being curious about the games and having reasons to oppose their re-release through the virtual console. Furthermore, both points are irrelevant to the status of a fan of the Zelda franchise. You have no authority to dictate what constitutes a "true" Zelda fan nor ask us to forfeit our accounts in shame for having different opinions than you.

      "True fans" are terms created to add competion where it shouldn't be. it is akin to measure the level of 'wetness' between your friends when rain surprised you out of home, you may find differences but they matter little, you are still together in the same situation.

      Onto the article, Nintendo has to take care of his image and releasing this games would risk newcomers to the franchise mistake them for new games and get disappointment. We might inflate ourselves and dismish that cases like a minority because, who hasn't heard of them, right? Well, mostly anyone who hasn't been enough the Zelda circles online. If itw asn't for foums I wouldn't know. Not all Zelda fans have access or like to engage in such places. It doesn't make them less of a fan, but it makes them less likely to stumble with the titles and their story.

      I don't think Nintendo can risk right now to depend on negative publicity. If I had the chance I would like to play the titles and even own them. Why not? Collector's sake… make my own opinion on how bad they are instead of blindly jumping the hate-wagon based on YT memes. I see it very unlikely these games will ever be licensed again.

    • veeronic

      the voice acting, the sprite animations, the cut scenes, unaligned scripted backgrounds, and RANCID portrayals of nintendo characters, these are abominations, considering them a part of the zelda series is an insult.

  • Monaster

    Uh, guys? Why are you all freaking out about this? I'm pretty sure this letter was meant to be a joke.

  • Z-MAN7

    Across the universe, the jimmies rustle softy…..

  • MikeL

    April fools day is still 7 days away!

  • James

    lol you guys… this is a joke.

    I don't consider it to be a very funny joke, but it's a joke nonetheless so calm the hell down.

  • Duuuuurrrrr

    Seriously? These games should never meet with a gamer's conscious again. They are a pile of garbage, in every way imaginable but the music. The graphics are nice, but when you should be appreciating them you're trying to figure out which different shade of brown you're looking for to jump on. They are not Nintendo's games, and they should not ever, ever be even compared to real Zelda games. The only thing they could ever do is piss off gamers. These are not for entertainment purposes and thus should be kept away from Virtual Console. Fuck you for even suggesting this, if not troll.

  • ForcedUser

    I wouldn't be apposed to this if Nintendo felt the desire to do so. *shrugs* They're an interesting part of the history of Zelda regardless if they're well loved or not. I'd enjoy playing them just to say I have. I do want to eventually own the games but they're collector's items now and the price is well above what I'm willing to pay, typically.

    Yeah, I guess there are ROMS and the like but it would be amusing to see Nintendo take this moment of their history and let it sit in the light. Oh, did I mention I'd love to see Conker's Bad Fur Day on VC? 😛

  • Hylian_Knight

    At least it will give Nintendo a good laugh! : D They probably need it! : >

  • Met

    Go home Lysia, you're drunk.

    • idk

      And if she is serious… I hate to say this… but go fish out the ROMS if you're that desperate. Sure I know it's stealing, but where else are you going to be able to play these games? Without giving away an obscene amount of money to a Ebay scalper, I mean.

      • When I first heard about these non-Nintendo Zelda games I tried hard to find ROMs. I found one or two of them, but couldn’t find a working CD-i emulator or anything else that would play them. This was probably ten years ago and I now have a pretty good idea of what they are like thanks to YouTube. So I don’t feel like I need to go out of my way to play them myself, but if I could get my hands on them I’d totally play them out of (morbid) curiosity. Maybe one day if I’m bored and have nothing better to do I’ll hunt down the ROMs again. (Just until Nintendo answers this totally serious letter which I totally sent to them and puts the games on VC ;-P)

        • idk

          Wow, Lysia actually replied to me. Now that I have your attention, you look really cute in that Cd-i Zelda outfit!

          • Awww thanks! 😀

  • LoganB

    Why are there people who think that voice acting would mess up a Zelda game? It seems people are not aware/casually forget about the Satellaview games that, through the magic of Soundlink, would have true voice acting in all the cutscenes (in Japanese). Not to mention that these were versions of The Legend of Zelda and Link to the Past, and not original games. In my opinion, Nintendo should re-release these games out on Virtual Console, or as an online-only streaming game. It would be awesome to play the original Legend of Zelda in 16-bit with well done voice acting.

  • veeronic

    no, not vc, a wiiware release with the cutscenes stripped out would however be acceptable.

  • Mahboi

    I'd like to conduct a mini-poll of my own: how many of you complaining here have actually played the CD-i games before?

    The reason I say this is you can't judge the quality of a game by its appearance. This is an important lesson that introduced me to many other series, including Zelda itself. My first Zelda game was Ocarina of Time, in 2012, and though the graphics and even sound quality are primitive by today's standards, I still loved the heck out of it. So… before starting the flame wars, you would do well to follow the advice to "just play the game first".

    While I understand that Nintendo would never, in their sane minds, release these games on Virtual Console, I am still curious to know just how these games play. The CD-i is a rare example of a console with little-to-no emulation scene behind it. A CD-i emulator does exist and I can load these games on it, but they don't play properly, only making me want to play them more.

  • heroofmask

    for the love of zelda these games arnt offiially a zelda game nintendo gave phillips permission to use the characters nintendo had nothing to due with there development therefore its not a accually zelda game parody maybe but a accual legend of zelda no my dog's name is link but hes not part of zelda so stop saying these games are legend of zelda games move on and even if this note is a joke nintendo doesnt own the rights and there god awful

  • Dan

    To whoever wrote this article: ARE YOU CRAZY???!!!

  • Jacob

    "A recent poll conducted here on the Zelda Universe forums revealed that 73% of Zelda fans would play these games if they were indeed released on Virtual Console, especially if they were sold at a reasonable price. "

    So by reasonable price, I am guessing, free?

    • LOL yeah that's what a couple of people said 😛

  • MarshallhatesCD-i

    Lol surely she regrets this post. Sure if someone was like “want to play it because I have it” I would out of curiosity, but I would never buy it or play it for more than a few minutes. Good job of not putting it on VC Nintendo. Give us wind waker HD then a new game then majoras mask remake.

  • Tif de la tif

    It’s like a troll or something ?

  • Lance

    The reason there is so much animosity towards the poor/outdated graphics of a CD-i game is because people can't accept the quirky gameplay and plot. If you grew up playing games on the NES you are more likely to look past the obvious eyesores and just appreciate the CD-i versions as a throwback to older games. Some games don't age well with today's gamers and this is just one of the many that have that issue. Finally, the original target audience for this game was not an adult but a child.
    Having it re-introduced is not a tyranny to the series, but I personally think that someone who really wanted to experience it would go through the trouble of acquiring it and that the majority of customers would not hold the same appreciation for these titles so I question the labor/expense and hate publicity nintendo would face to release something that not even their dedicated player-base openly support. If you don't like the game and then just go about your business and stop wasting your breath ranting about these outdated games.

  • I support

    Honestly, I own 2 out of 3 of these games and they are not near as expensive as people think they are (excluding Zelda's adventure). You can win an auction for either Wand of Gamelon or Faces of Evil for around 50 bucks…these games are readily available if you want to pay around 60 or 70 bucks (and they are almost always in stock on auction sites). So I disagree with these games being hard to track down.

    I will however agree with you that these games should be put on Virtual Console!!… I feel that the misconception of these games is ridiculous. Just because the AVGN made a video saying they stink, most people seem to think its true. I think if people actually gave these games a shot they would see they are kind of fun and very comical at times. If you can get past the hard controls, they are fun games. I've played through the Wand of Gamelon and the Faces of Evil… they are half decent (obviously not up to par with A Link to the Past of the time, though).

    I think it would be very profitable for Nintendo to put these on Virtual Console. I'm sure there are a decent amount of people who would pay 5 bucks to download it; rather than buying CD-i and the games for a good 200 US dollars in total. Maybe there is licensing issues behind them not being released…. Either way I do support the re-release of these games. Primarily, because the price of Zelda's Adventure is ridiculous at 200-300 USD. I feel that these games getting released would not only satisfy the demand of these games (thus dropping the retail value of the original discs).. but I think it would also make quite a few people who want to experience this game, very happy.

  • These games, they’re so bad, they’re good!
    So yes, do release them on VC because I can’t find a CDi BIOS anywhere for my emulator.

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  • Will

    Maybe with better controls, but only with better controls.