CD-i Zelda games

Dear Nintendo,

I am writing to you with a request for a Virtual Console release. Before you dismiss this letter along with the hundreds of other Virtual Console release requests that you no doubt receive each month, I implore you to hear me out because I have done research and can guarantee that these games would sell rather well. The games I am referring to are Link: The Faces of Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon and Zelda’s Adventure.

I am well aware that these games were never actually released on a Nintendo console, instead appearing on the Phillips CD-i, and understand your reluctance to release them for this reason. However, these games were well-received at the time of their release and are considered among the best games for the CD-i. It is unfortunate that the CD-i itself did not sell nearly as well as the Nintendo console that was out at the same time, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Imagine how well they would have sold if they had appeared on the Super Nintendo at the same time?

Unlike the other Zelda games, the CD-i Zelda titles have never been re-released. This means that more gamers are likely to buy them from the Virtual Console because they don’t have other copies. I have not bought The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time because I already own it for the Nintendo 64, GameCube and 3DS. I would however buy CD-i Zelda games because not only do I not already have copies of them, I missed out on playing them when they were released in the 90s. Zelda is one of Nintendo’s premier series with many, many fans, and any true Zelda fan would loathe the idea of not being able to play Zelda games. Releasing these games on Virtual Console would make them accessible to Zelda fans worldwide. It is not very easy to buy copies of these games elsewhere. From time-to-time, copies will surface on eBay, however gamers are so eager to get their hands on them that they often sell for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. It would be crazy to ignore demand like that!

CD-i Zelda games on ebay

A recent poll conducted here on the Zelda Universe forums revealed that 73% of Zelda fans would play these games if they were indeed released on Virtual Console, especially if they were sold at a reasonable price. Most fans have heard about these games via the internet and would love to at the very least try them out of curiosity.

So Nintendo, please regain any rights from Phillips, whip up some CD-i emulation software for the Virtual Console and let a new generation of gamers experience these greats that are a part of the history of one of gaming’s most legendary franchises.

Kind regards,
Webmaster, Zelda Universe

P.S. If you hear any negative comments about these games and are thinking about pretending they don’t exist, remember that there will always be a few haters no matter what the game is, and they can’t stay hidden on the Internet.