There’s no question that Ocarina of Time was iconic for its recognizable soundtrack and catchy, vibrant melodies. But what would these memory filled songs sound like with rappers, “busting their rhymes” over them?

Well, thanks to popular rap producer Team Teamwork, this 34 minute album entitled The Ocarina of Rhyme is available for us all to enjoy. The Ocarina of Rhyme features a unique fusion between rap music and classic OoT songs, which blends together nicely. Even if you are not a fond lover of rap music, this album is still worth a listen to credit the outstanding production quality.

To listen to the album in its entirety, hit the jump.

Let us know your thoughts on The Ocarina of Rhyme. Which track was your favorite? What did you think of the production?

Source: Team Teamwork (via Zelda Dungeon)
  • ToshikAichi

    The mixing sounds really professional but I'm not a big fan of rap.

    • The Dude

      To be perfectly honest with you, neither am I. However I really admire the amount of work which went in to creating this album. Plus you are spot on about the mixing, I couldn't agree more :3

  • Zeldafan99

    *ears explode* horrible.

  • AStinkToThePast

    There's nothing "outstanding" about the production quality. All they did was take acapellas of other rap songs, match the tempo using tempo-matching software, and poorly sequenced samples of Zelda songs. Believe it or not, this is not very difficult to do if you have a good sense of rhythm.

  • Nick

    oof. That wasn't good, I'm not even gonna listen to the rest…

  • Dave

    This came out a few years ago. The Owl/No Hook is the best.

  • Suzanne

    So fun! I actually like it! I'm also not a big fan of rap, but, this is crazy impressive!!! :O

  • Ryan

    Still Tippin and No Hook are the best mixes. Downloaded those two =P.

  • Herman

    This is getting far too much hate, oh god. Can people not appreciate how much work has been put into this and how well made it is? They actually took songs that went with the melodies, and it's a very creative idea too.

    • Darkly

      I remember a different website
      it does Zelda music no rapping but it sounds good, clicking on Music or Listen you will be able to hear or even download the music

  • Snow_Storm

    Of course, the Zelda fandom would put down hip-hop sampels of Zelda music but they would praise anything that is (horrible) Zelda metal covers or horribly produced dubstep Zelda music.

    • Herman

      I feel that way too. That the majority of Zelda fans are just hating on this because it's rap.

      • The Dude

        It's all boils down to a matter of opinion. We cannot please all.

        • Herman

          Oh I know. My point is that people tend to blow off something as bad just because it is a certain genre. Personally, I like to rate songs by production quality, effort, etc. Of course it matters if you like the song or not, but too many people seem to think that because a song or track belongs to a certain genre that it is automatically bad, or something they don't like.

          • The Dude

            Again, people all think differently. I personally think your view is a solid one, but not everybody is like that unfortunately. :3

          • Herman

            Yeah, I reckon you're right ð,ð

  • angel

    I love all music, I appreciate the effort, but that hurt my head. Just sounds like noise and guys trying to talk over all of the music.

  • Hylian_Knight

    Color me impressed! I'm not huge on rap (Tho I do listen to Eminem and DMX every now and then AND Dan Bull.) but, this works really well! How creative, I love that this 'bad ass/street' music is mixed with nerdiness! : D