There’s no question that Ocarina of Time was iconic for its recognizable soundtrack and catchy, vibrant melodies. But what would these memory filled songs sound like with rappers, “busting their rhymes” over them?

Well, thanks to popular rap producer Team Teamwork, this 34 minute album entitled The Ocarina of Rhyme is available for us all to enjoy. The Ocarina of Rhyme features a unique fusion between rap music and classic OoT songs, which blends together nicely. Even if you are not a fond lover of rap music, this album is still worth a listen to credit the outstanding production quality.

To listen to the album in its entirety, hit the jump.

Let us know your thoughts on The Ocarina of Rhyme. Which track was your favorite? What did you think of the production?

Source: Team Teamwork (via Zelda Dungeon)