Link the faces of evil

It’s time to take another look at one of the CD-i Zelda games in its entirety. We’ve already done plenty of laughing at the cut scenes from Link: The Faces of Evil, so let’s take a look at how they fit in to the overall game. We join the HalfBlindGamer as he plays through it.

If you’d like to see the rest of the playlist, head over to YouTube.

  • Nico

    what is CD-i?

    • Darkly

      a negative comment for not know what the CD-i is that's terrible.
      the person that gave one should explain to them.

      • Darkly

        I mean a thumbs down my bad.
        for not understanding what a CD-i was.

  • Seth

    Looks like it had the potential to play like an action King's Quest game.

    • Jim

      What's that?

  • Dr.X

    Rupees not Rubies.
    The Philips CD-i is consider to be the worse, it only exists because Sony would have obtain the rights to all of the SNES games. Just a small fact.
    anyone for Hotel Mario?

    • RPH1

      Come on, you're a doctor. That should be "… the worst" or "worse than…" not "the worse."

  • Jim