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Artist Marinko Milosevski has done it again with another trio of fantastic Zelda movie posters. This time the artist covers A Link to the Past, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword with impressive minimalistic design and epic quotes.

If you missed out last time, Milosevski also made movie posters for Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and The Wind Waker last year. You can check them out here, and hit the jump for the new set!

A Link to the Past

Twilight Princess

Skyward SwordSource: Marinko Milosevski (via Kotaku)


  • name

    you do know that none of these would fly as legit advertisements, right?

    • Zachattack8888

      Your reasoning?

      • ted

        i think he means that they don't do what real film posters do, like give a clear, "bankable" idea of the story and, I guess, the cast? Obviously he doesn't get that these are just fan posters that would look awesome on a wall, no one is selling a movie with these

        • Monaster

          Every movie poster I've seen in real life just says stuff like "Best supporting actor!" and never explains the movie at all. Honestly, these fan posters say more than real ones do.

    • I beg to differ.

      Just because these are not (quite) the kind of commercial movie advertisements you may be used to see (which usually follow the American way), they are not necessarily useless as legit posters.
      Please refer to Polish poster design, for more information.

      @ OP & Marinko: kuddos.

  • I spy with my little eye… Anghanim, Hyrule Castle, a Twilight Portal, and the Master Sword. BTW did anybody notice that in the TP poster, the visual that allows the person to see all of those features looks uncannily similar to the Golden Wolf Form of the Hero’s Shade?

  • These posters are just what i need to hang in my room other than my jacket and like 4 hats. my room is lonley but mah lava lamp is cool :3

  • lbh

    So much attention to detail, yet he missed that Twilight princess was rated T and Skyward sword was E10+….