Wind Waker HD

With The Wind Waker HD heading to Wii U, it’s difficult not to wonder if any other classic Nintendo games will receive the same treatment. In an interview with GameSpot, Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that, while he is unable to discuss unannounced titles, he prefers to put his priorities into making new games.

GameSpot: “On top of Luigi’s Mansion and Pkimin 3, Wind Waker for the Wii U is supplementing that lineup. Is Nintendo considering giving Wii U treatment to any other games, potentially older games like Metroid Prime?”

Miyamoto: “Of course I can only talk about the titles we’ve announced publicly. We are thinking about the possibilities around that, but there’s nothing I can share today. I guess I can say from my perspective, I’m more interested in creating new titles.”

From a selfish standpoint and as someone still in possession of a large library of GameCube games, I’m in favour of more brand new titles over remakes. With the Wii U not selling quite as well as it deserves, I also think that increasing the console’s software line-up with new games may be best for the system’s survival at the moment.

However, it’s always nice for new audiences to get a chance to play games they missed out on. Hopefully, Nintendo will at least put GC games up on the Virtual Console some day. Are there any games you’d like to see remade for Wii U?

Source: GameSpot (via My Nintendo News)