Skyward Sword Cake

Get the creators of this cake the Award for Best Parenting 2013. Will and Liliana, responsible for the equally fantastic Super Mario Galaxy cake, made their daughter a Zelda cake like no other – a huge, detailed and animated edible world based on Skyward Sword.

The top layer shows the entirety of Skyloft, complete with the Goddess statue, a flying Link atop a Loftwing, and Ghirahim atop a menacing tornado. The lower half, separated by a layer of fluffy (and delicious-looking) clouds, shows the Sealed Grounds. Zelda and Impa can be seen guarding the temple, while Groose is hard at work building the catapult cart track in order to keep the Imprisoned at bay.

Hit the jump for the video, and make sure you stick around for the second half for a good look at the work-in-progress shots!

Sure, this is actually more of a diorama than a cake, considering the majority of the piece is inedible. But who’d want to eat and destroy this thing? The construction is incredible, and the motorised figures really bring it to life. There are so many details – Scrapper carrying the pinwheel, Beedle’s flying shop circling Skyloft, the realistically-moving Deku Baba…

With Rice Krispies used to create the Temple entrance, I can now understand why the Imprisoned is so relentless on destroying it. The guy is probably starving after years of captivity.

You can check out even more high quality close-up shots of the cake here on Will and Liliana’s website.

Source: YouTube (via Destructoid)
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