AVGN Part 1

CD-i month continues with the help of Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN for short) who is a very popular YouTuber that plays old games and gives his (sometimes vulgar) opinions. Stepping back in time, Angry Video Game Nerd couldn’t play the Phillips CD-i without taking a stab at the three Zelda games released for the console. If you still aren’t familiar with the story behind the Philips CD-i console, AVGN also has an introduction video to the console, however, beware of strong language. In fact, beware of strong language in all of these videos.

Without any further ado, I give to you the Angry Video Game Nerd!

Source: YouTube
  • TheWindWaker333

    This is one of my favorite episodes.

    "You've killed me!"

    Zelda: "Good."

    AVGN's reaction is priceless. XD

  • RPH1

    The video of the cut scenes last week made me a little ill. This one made me glad I never saw an ad for these games or even heard of the CD-i system. After ALTTP, I'm sure I would've had my Mom buy the console and at least 1 of the games. It would have been a huge waste of $ and I might not have bought OoT.

  • DarkenedGlyphs

    Zelda:"hasta lavista youv'e been terminated"