Zelda X Pokemon - Link

The worlds of Hyrule and Kanto collide in Finni Chang’s beautiful artwork for a Zelda/Pokemon crossover. The three staples of the Triforce, Link, Zelda and Ganondorf, are joined by their own teams of the elemental critters.

Presumably, Link’s companions Ponyta  and Noctowl take the roles of Epona and the talkative owl Kaepora Gaebora respectively. Zelda’s Pokemon are majestic beasts, with the graceful Dragonair, Ninetales and Espeon by her side. And of course, Ganondorf obviously claims the most fearsome and intimidating monsters with his slew of fire- and dark- types.

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Zelda X Pokemon - Zelda

Zelda X Pokemon - Ganondorf

The artist provides a little back-story for the art:

“Link is a new trainer who hopes to defeat the Champion Ganondorf. With the help of his childhood friend Zelda at his side, will he be victorious…?”

If you want to own the artwork in a physical form – and let’s face it, you really do – you can purchase a poster and/or a print set with all three images from Finni’s store.

If Pokemon already crossed over with Nobunaga in Pokemon Conquest, Nintendo needs to make a “Zelda X Pokemon” in this style – I’d buy it in a flash.

Source: Finni Chang via explodedsoda