Saber Blast Link 1

Saber Blast is a newly founded company that aims to “amplify your online marketing” and raise awareness for other companies in order to bring in new customers. More interestingly, however, they also appear to have stolen a particular Nintendo character as their own mascot.

The pixellated hero on their home page looks almost identical to the NES Link sprite, from the face and cap to the belt and sword. The designer must have played some Ocarina or Four Swords too, as there are also blue and red Links.

Saber Blast Link 2

While Saber Blast could deservedly be labelled as thieves and criticised for being unoriginal, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and its cool knowing that there may be at least one Zelda fan working at the company. Perhaps it’s testament to Nintendo’s design that a 27 year old sprite could still be considered a recognisable icon. Plus, it’s pretty amusing to see Link giving a business lecture.

But it has to be said: that red Link’s eyes creep me out.

Source: Saber Blast (via Zelda Dungeon)