Flyrule 2

After his amazing Ocarina of Time remix album in 2011, named “Flyrule“, skilled musician/Zelda fan Shag is back. Of course, the only way to create a true sequel to such an album would be by remixing the game sequel, Majora’s Mask.

“Flyrule 2: A Terrible Fate” hosts 10 tracks of sweet Zelda beats, opening with the mystical rendition of “Song of Healing” and closing with a soothing interpretation of “Zora’s Hall”. It’s truly amazing and unbelievably relaxing, and even surpasses the previous album’s quality (pssst… just like how MM surpassed Ocarina! You heard me).

You can listen for free by streaming on the artist’s Bandcamp, or if you’d like to download your own copy of the album, you can again pitch in with an open price tag. Please be as generous as you can – the guy has earned it!

Source: Bandcamp (via Destructoid)
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