Deviantart user Vihola created these stunning voxel renders based on The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. If you’re unfamiliar with voxel art, it’s basically where 2D pixels are turned into 3D blocks. Think the NES Zeldas, but Minecraft-style.

Vihola used a program called Qubicle Constructor, added his own lighting and rendering and finished the piece in Photoshop. Hit the jump for a Zelda II voxel!


I would love for Nintendo remake the games like this. They have the 3D Classics series on the 3DS eShop, which adds layers and brings 2D sprites forward, but a whole adventure created in this fully 3D voxel style would be amazing.

Source: Deviantart (via Tiny Cartridge)

  • RPH1
    I'd never heard or seen "Voxel" before.

    The 1st picto reminded me of ALTTP. I like the idea of these games being in the 3D Classics line. I got 3D Classics Excite Bike for free and 3D Classics Kid Icarus for buying Kid Icarus Uprising. I would buy Z-LOZ and Z-AOL if they redid them.

  • Destiny

    That's real cool, maybe it will come out in 3D on its 50th anniversary…wait….it'll probably be touchable in 25 years actually….0-0

    • KidWiththeBackpack

      I can't even imagine what video games will be like in 25 years. Do you think 25 years ago anyone had any idea of what they would be today? I sure don't. That's pretty exciting to think about though.

      Anyway, I digress, I would totally buy these games if they remade them in this style. 🙂

      • Death The Kid

        I'm sure realizing that video games wouldn't change at all and simply gain more pixels and larger file sizes was just so very hard to predict.

        If anything I doubt they would have looked at the future and seen how dull, uninspired, simplistic, and pathetically easy gaming in general has become.

        Oh yeah, and they knew about DLC from the start, they've been devising how to charge for half the game at launch then force you to pay more for the other half since the beginning of time.

        • DarkLink1996

          SEGA did it pretty well with Sonic 3

  • Echon

    Oooh. I am so horrible at 2D games for some reason. Playing "The Legend of Zelda" the first time resulted in 50+ deaths before locating and getting through 3-4 dungeons because…well, I'm just that terrible. I'm really, really terrible! Maybe I'd play more skillfully in voxel? (*coughs*unlikely*coughs*)

    Still, the renders looks really nice. Voxel makes the style 'pop' and it feels sort of retro too. That would be neat if Nintendo redid these games like this, but I doubt it'd happen.

    • RPH1

      I remember tallying up my deaths to get through level 5 with all the Darknuts. I died 81 times.

  • Reminds me a lot of Fire Emblem: Awakening when 3D is turned on.
    Actually they're almost identical.