Zelda Miiverse Developer's Room

Last week the official Legend of Zelda Miiverse was announced and went online, and is already populated with thousands of Zelda fans brimming with excitement and artistic passion. Now, there is a new sub-community within this Miiverse, called the “Developer’s Room”.

Unlike the main community, only Nintendo representatives can post as it intended to be a place where only official announcements are published.

Eiji Aonuma posted in the community and explained the Developer’s Room’s purpose:

“Hi, it’s Eiji Aonuma from Nintendo again… I don’t want to disturb your posts so I’ll be posting in this Announcement Community from now on.

All your spirited posts to the Zelda comunity have been cheering me up on a daily basis. Thanks ever so much for all the love that goes into those drawings. It’s really appreciated!”

I think this is a fantastic idea as it allows Zelda fans to keep updated on announcements directly via their console, without relying on an internet source. Even if you are not a Wii U owner, this is still great news for you; if Nintendo is making this Miiverse now, it could mean that they are planning to make some important announcements soon. We’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on it!

Source: GoNintendo
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