You Are the Last Piece

Does your other half love The Legend of Zelda games? Or maybe like some of the beautiful motifs this series is known for?

Some think that gamers are too busy spending time in their world to be romantic. Well, since it’s Valentine’s Day and the romance is everywhere, we have picked five romantic gifts that will surely make your loved one smile, even if they don’t know anything about Zelda games.

Some of these we already told you about in the past, but for this special occasion we give you the five most romantic Zelda gifts, ideal for a Zelda Valentine.

Majora’s Mask magnet set – If your loved one isn’t the kind that fancies jewellery, there are a few magnet sets with masks from the Nintendo 64 classic, Majora’s Mask. A modest gift that will remind you of the three day quest in Termina every time you get hungry and rush to your refrigerator for some nutrition.

Majora's Mask Magnet Set

Triforce jewellery set – A bracelet, a necklace and a pair of earrings. One piece or the whole set? It’s up to you. All three are designed with Hyrule’s sacred relic that can bring both prosperity and total chaos depending on the owner – the Triforce. The bracelet bears the crest of Hyrule, with the Triforce as the main motif, and they’re all so well crafted it’s hard to choose.

Triforce Bracelet

Zelda necklace – There is a huge variety of them, and they’re all very pretty. They are made after some of the series’ most well known motifs, such as the Triforce, the sacred jewels that appear in the games, Link’s shields, logos like the Majora’s Mask logo, the masks from the same game, various items like the Magic Bottle, etc. While this particular pictured necklace isn’t for sale, there are plenty of great alternatives available on eBay, as well as many online retailers worldwide.

Zelda Necklace

Piece of Heart necklace – We have picked this one out of the many because we felt it deserves special mentioning. You can consider these unique because they are all hand assembled! A very sweet Valentine’s gift, it captures the essence of the game’s innocence, because this Zelda trademark item increases our hero’s life strength, allowing him to take more damage. Isn’t that what having a loving partner does to all of us?

Piece of Heart Necklace

Zora Sapphire engagement ring – This one means serious business! If you’ve come to the moment when you realize that you want to spend your life with your sweetheart, this is the perfect way of expressing it in your Zelda way, and it’s still beautiful regardless of whether you even know about the series. Made after a sacred jewel from the most well known game, Ocarina of Time, it is a bit pricey. But, since it is custom-made, crafted in 14k gold with a lab created sapphire and, after all, expresses the strongest love for your partner, it is a very reasonable price to pay for this beauty.

Zora Sapphire Rngagement Ring

These “Top 5 Zelda Valentine’s Gifts” should give fans of the series and their special ones that special feeling we all love, for both giving and receiving.

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