A new poll is up, asking about your favorite non-Ganondorf villain in the Zelda series. There’s a wide variety to choose from, though of course not everyone as Tingle does not technically count, despite how people may feel about his prices.

As always, any extra thoughts on the subject or options that weren’t represented in the poll can be posted in the comments of this post. If you’d like to see the results of the last poll, you can visit the Polls Archive.

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  • Skull Kid

    Skull Kid ( Majora's Mask)

  • emilio

    Vaati (the minish cap)

  • I shall repeat my previous statement of saying Vaati – if only because he started off as literally the tiniest of things, yet became a source of evil so terrible and frightening, he was on par with Ganon for two generations in the sense he could only be sealed away and not killed. Am I the only one who finds that utterly bad ass; that he managed to do all this without the use of political power, a mass of followers or the Triforce of Power? Because… you know, that's pretty badass and frightening.

  • VitaTempusNexus92

    #1) Dark & Shadow Links in general,
    #2) Rauru (even though he actually isn't officially a villain, he is at least unofficially a villian to me. Come on, I experienced shivers when I first saw him in human form in OoT!), Thunderbird, Vaati, Majora, Ghirahim, Zant
    #3) Impa (similar reason as Rauru. No shivers though), Midna (again, similar reason as Impa and Rauru. Plus, something just seemed off about her sometimes. again, no shivers though), Twinrova, Onox, Veran, Carock, Chancellor Cole
    #4) Daphnes (yet again, similar reason as Midna, Impa, and Rauru.), OoT & TP Zeldas (also yet again, similar reason as Daphnes, Midna, impa, Rauru. Yet again, no shivers.)

    I guess that's all I should list for now. Oh and since Dark Link is set at the top list he's the only one that actually counts for the vote as where I only listed others cause I felt like sharing part of my order of rank of Zelda villains most evil/dangerous/strongest to least evil/dangerous/strongest including those that actually may not seem to be villains officially in the games but actually are in my opinion from stuff I've noticed hidden very well in the games (I'll be explaining some this stuff in a video sometime in the near future if I would ever find the time to do so.).

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