Zelda Wooden Keyrings - Majora's Mask

Etsy user TwikiConcept created these amazing wooden keyrings by laser cutting and engraving with professional precision. There’s a ton of Zelda emblems here, with icons across different games in the franchise. And here I am with a mere bottle opener and torch on my keys, like an absolute fool.

If your keys are also lacking some Zelda craftmanship, these keyrings are available for purchase right here. Also look out for other Nintendo-themed keyrings!

As you can see, the Majora’s Mask keyring is stunning, but hit the jump and you’ll also find the Hylian Shield, the Triforce, an Otorok and more. There’s even a replacement key in the form of the A Link to the Past boss key!

Zelda Wooden Keyrings - Triforce

Zelda Wooden Keyrings - Double Triforce

Zelda Wooden Keyrings - Rupees

Zelda Wooden Keyrings - Otorok

Zelda Wooden Keyrings - Boss Key

Zelda Wooden Keyrings - 8 Bit Sword

Zelda Wooden Pendant - Hylian Crest

Source: Etsy (Thanks Liam for the tip!)