Hyrule Historia

The North American release of Hyrule Historia is approaching fast. In preparation of the book’s launch, Dark Horse Comics has sat down with Aria Tanner (or better known by her online handle, GlitterBerri) for an interview detailing her help with the translation process.

Aria explains that she started with the unofficial translation because she is fascinated by the way games change throughout the development process and how ideas evolve through each new entry into a series. She wanted to share this information with the fans who wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience it otherwise.

Handwritten notes by certain developers, Aria mentions, were the hardest pieces of the manuscript to translate. Some of the scrawled symbols required the help of a few native speakers to translate, moreover, Tanner says certain unreadable characters still haunt her to this day!

Tanner’s studies of Japanese began at the age of fourteen, which climaxed during her sophomore year in high school when she spent ten months at a Tokyo high school as an exchange student. While there, she rediscovered a website where users made an effort to translate prereleased screenshots of Ocarina of Time and compared them to the final version of the game, which was different. These differences from the early stage to the final product are what sparked Aria’s interest in the creation of games.

Joining the site, she enlisted in the effort to translate screenshots. Eventually, Aria began translating developer interviews and from there, Tanner states, her translating work escalated. She needed a way to save all of her work, so Aria built a website and, as we all know, the rest is history!

You can read the full interview over at Dark Horse Comics!

Source: Dark Horse Comics