DeviantArt user Zoki64 is a skilled modder who creates stunning customised renders of various Nintendo consoles, themed around popular Nintendo franchises. Of course, no renovated N64 system or controller would be complete without some Zelda-style inspiration!

Hit the jump to see them all, and remember to also check out the artist’s YouTube channel to get a closer look at the wonderful creations.

Here’s a sparkly controller emblazoned with the Triforce logo, and a gold N64 that would go perfectly with your Ocarina of Time cartridge! It’s the markings around the edges that really add the finesse. My personal favourite is the Majora’s Mask controller above; the colours and design are fantastic.



Be sure to look at more of the Zoki64′s work on his Deviantart page, where you’ll find more beautiful customised systems with Super Mario, Metroid and Star Fox designs, among others.

Source: Deviantart (via My Nintendo News)