Will Work For Rupees Zelda Sticker

This charming sticker of a poverty-stricken Link could be yours, for the amazing price of… nothing! Hobo Ninja is an online store currently running a promotion and giving away “Will Work For Rupees” stickers for free.

Unfortunately, non-US residents are unable to claim the sticker. For you fortunate Americans, click here and add the item to your shopping cart. Remember to enter the code “RUPEES-FREE” into the Coupon Code section and click “Add”.

Please note: a user on Reddit has reported that he/she was later charged the original $2.99 price a couple of weeks after ordering, so it is advised that you simply enter random values in the credit card field (e.g. sixteen zeroes) as the order will still process without a valid number. Using Paypal will not work.

It’s a pretty large sticker too, measuring in at 6″ x 4″. What are you waiting for? Go pick up your free sticker today!

Source: Hobo Ninja (Via: Zelda Dungeon)
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  • It wonderes me to determine how several comments this website is getting. I guess it have a lot of enteries. how do you gain that type of traffic?

    • Matt Bird

      Zelda is an amazing niche to market as it has a lot of fans who love the series and not many quality websites surrounding the topic. Sites like Zelda Universe and Zelda Dungeon update a lot, this not only helps draw users in(I have them in my RSS and I'm always happy to read about Zelda) but it also keeps the page high on Google(Research Google SEO and Niche Marketing). This can be tricky in a sense as the series doesn't get new information often. But as the series is quite popular, there are heaps of fan speculation, craft, product and so on. There is a lot of Zelda in the Universe.