Will Work For Rupees Zelda Sticker

This charming sticker of a poverty-stricken Link could be yours, for the amazing price of… nothing! Hobo Ninja is an online store currently running a promotion and giving away “Will Work For Rupees” stickers for free.

Unfortunately, non-US residents are unable to claim the sticker. For you fortunate Americans, click here and add the item to your shopping cart. Remember to enter the code “RUPEES-FREE” into the Coupon Code section and click “Add”.

Please note: a user on Reddit has reported that he/she was later charged the original $2.99 price a couple of weeks after ordering, so it is advised that you simply enter random values in the credit card field (e.g. sixteen zeroes) as the order will still process without a valid number. Using Paypal will not work.

It’s a pretty large sticker too, measuring in at 6″ x 4″. What are you waiting for? Go pick up your free sticker today!

Source: Hobo Ninja (Via: Zelda Dungeon)
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