Zelda Universe is ringing in the new year in exciting ways! Just last week we released our official t-shirts and today we’re proud to present a totally new installation of the Zelda Universe Podcast. With a new, albeit not too unfamiliar format, we’re bringing you a full hour of audio goodness.

In this episode, we talk about the the Wii U, Nintendo’s brand new console. Our hosts Hombre and humulos, with guest hosts Cody and Lysia, discuss Nintendo Land, The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, the future of Zelda and multi-platform games. In-between discussions, we have forum-goer and podcast segment creator EzloSpirit (who has even more content in his own segment thread), who muses on the music in Skyward Sword with guests Emma and Mitch. Afterwards, new podcast team inductee Raptor Buddha provides a reading of his own Zelda fanfiction, Another Day At the Office.

We’re also experimenting with a new format for the ZU Podcast that will let us continue releasing podcasts regularly in the future, so please give us your feedback in the comments or on the forums!

Happy listening!

  • Host Discussion 1 (0:00:00)
  • ZU t-shirt ad (0:12:30)
  • EzloSpirit’s Hyrulean Symphonies (0:13:01)
  • Host Discussion 2 (0:32:28)
  • Another Day at the Office fan fiction reading by Raptor Buddha (0:44:18)
  • Host Discussion 3 (0:54:23)
  • Bloopers (1:04:03)