It has been a long time in the making. Tantalizing previews hung before us in the past year. The past two months have been filled with anticipation, wondering if it would ever come to fruition. But at last, this incredible project known as the Twilight Symphony has been released. Before you start asking where you can download it though, remember that this is very current news. Read on to find the specifics of the release!Zelda Reorchestrated has begun emailing the download links to the initial backers of the project as well as those of you who preordered the physical copy of the album. Don’t worry if you have not received your email yet; ZREO’s server has many emails to send this link to, and as such has to stagger them to keep within server constraints. Do not lose hope though, it will be there eventually and you might even attempt to play your ocarina to speed things up.

As to the download promised to be available on iTunes, Joypad Records, and so forth, we can only assume it will follow shortly after the initial backers and preorders are seen. This is incredibly exciting, and we hope the wait is endurable for you!

Source: Twitter