Happy Holidays, Universe! I’m Rusty, here with a festive installment of everybody’s favorite column here on Zelda Universe, Music Monday. Music can be a huge part of the holiday season, and today we focus our Music Monday spotlight on some frosty Zelda music that will get you in the spirit, and make your ears happy! I love this time of year; what with all the snow, the sweets, and all the smiling faces of people pushing me around in Wal-Mart trying to get their mitts on some candy canes.

I have three fantastic songs to share with you all, before you start madly opening presents and go into a sugar coma!

First up is a phenomenal extended version of one of my favorite songs from Twilight Princess, “Snowboard Race”–because who doesn’t love Yetis and snowboarding? After that I have an incredible remix of not one, but four songs from Majora’s Mask! And last but not least, another personal favorite of mine, the “Snowhead Temple” from Majora’s Mask.

You can hit the jump for all three of these, and my respective thoughts one each!

Again, I ask you who doesn’t love Yeti’s and snowboarding? Especially when you have a fantastic song like that as background music! I’ve always enjoyed racing Yeto down to Snowpeak Ruins, and there’s a laundry list of reasons why I love this song. It sounds so fun, and even a little festive, so that’s why it’s number one in my “Holiday Edition” of Music Monday!

Words can’t describe how awesome that is–but apparently I’m not allowed to just post a video underneath that video of me staring at the camera drooling and muttering, so I’ll have to try to use words to describe how awesome that song is. YouTuber BoydtheMilkman doesn’t appear to be really active on YouTube anymore, but he could have made just that remix, and I’d have said he could go straight to the Hyrule in the sky. Though it’s not really seasonal, it’s fantastic, and I’m happy to share it with all of you!

Ain’t nothin’ like the Snowhead Temple, right? The atmosphere is really great, and the music is catchy, which just makes Snowhead Temple an awesome place to chill out in! Get it? Chill, like, chill? Anyway, I’ve always liked Snowhead’s theme, and I think it’s a perfect way to end off this edition of Music Monday!

Have a happy holiday season, everybody!