Three weeks back we held a Hyrule Vacation contest brought to you by GamerPrint that challenged you to write a 100 word sales pitch of any Hyrule location of your choice. We got a lot of great entries and we actually had to bring in a fourth judge to break a deadlock between three entries and crown a winner and a runner-up.

First, let’s present our runner-up, Joey O’ Mara. Here’s a piece that feels credible and is also really fun to read; it’s as if Yeta and Yeto wrote it themselves:


“Feel lonely, uh? You visit Snowpeak Ruins! Yeta and Yeto welcome friends, uh! Our home cozy, you stay warm during cold, uh. You sit by fireplace, uh, and drink warm, hearty Pumpkin Soup as you relax in comfy chair! And, if you looking for fun, uh, Yeto and Yeta show you how to sled! You even race if you like, uh! Remember, come visit Snowpeak Ruins! Friends always welcome, uh! We have soup for everyone!”


Our winner of this contest is Jordan Koschei. This sales pitch sounds like it came straight from Tingle’s Travel Catalogue. A well-worded piece that describes the marvels of Zora’s Domain, complete with pricing details:


“Beautiful water. Beautiful people. Beautiful music.

Treat yourself to a week at the luxurious Zora’s Domain and forget the troubles of the outside world. Explore our world-class fish market, test your mettle in our renowned diving competitions, and immerse yourself in the culture with a traditional pilgrimage to the great Jabu-Jabu. Best of all, spend time with one of the most beautiful and uninhibited species around.

All-inclusive resort packages start at 999 rupees a night, including three meals a la poisson per day. Limited rooms are available. Zora scales and dive-enabling tunics available on request.”


Congratulations to the both of you. Now, let’s present the prizes!

For our runner-up Joey, a complete set of Hyrule Travel Postcards:

For our winner Jordan, not only the set of Postcards, but also this sweet as milk t-shirt:











We only have prizes for the top two entries, but we feel like we still wish to highlight the third entry in the aforementioned deadlock. Thief, who made the excellent decision of tailoring his sales pitch exclusively to Gorons (or any other stone-lover out there) which worked out really well. I imagine if I was a Goron, my mouth would be watering reading this sales pitch:

Tired of travertine and talc? Starved by sandstone and other sediments? Dodongo’s Cavern is the location for top quality igneous rock sirloin. From gourmet granites to the crunchiest carbonatite, you’d be hard pressed to find more select stones in other caves. With lava baths, rare explosive flora, and easy access to a mountain trail great for high-speed rolling, The Cavern offers all form of luxuries. For those with a sweet tooth we’ve even got outstanding obsidians and some of the fluffiest tuff this side of the field. For the boulder gourmand: Dodongo’s Cavern.

Thank you everyone for participating in this contest and a big thank you to GamerPrint for giving away these items.