Some may be familar with the YouTuber freddiew, who creates dramatic, fast action, video game related short films and is most notably known for his recent series, Video Game High School. Drawing inspiration from many popular video game titles (such as Hitman, Skyrim, the Halo series, and Minecraft), freddiew’s latest video revolves around a concept many Zelda fans can relate to: smashing pots and their famous loop hole.

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Another famous YouTube face you may recognize is that of violinist Lindsey Stirling, who plays the role of Link. Using a combination of high quality graphical effects and real life scenery, freddiew is able to achieve a spectacular looking video; the glistening of the rupees in the sunlight highlights the effort put into the creation of this film. With over a month spent on researching how to design and execute the pot smashing special effects, freddiew’s final result is a comical piece that any Zelda fan will enjoy. Be sure to watch in HD!

You can also watch the behind the scenes video:

What did you think of this video? Does it increase your eagerness for an HD Zelda game?

Source: YouTube