Many of you have a mental picture of Hyrule’s Hero pop up in your mind when you hear the name Link mentioned. This mental picture no doubt portrays a heroic-looking figure ready to stand against any threat. At the same time, the picture conveys a playful fellow who is always up for the next mini-game. Some might even describe him as very, very manly. Well, this news bit may ruin your mental image of this heroic figure that you held so dear. Of course people have commented on the similarity that is shared by Link and Peter Pan for a long while, but this time the confirmation comes from Miyamoto himself.

You do not believe me? Keep reading.

A French gaming website known as Gamekult recently interviewed Miyamoto concerning some of the games Nintendo has produced including the Legend of Zelda franchise. During this interview, the inspiration for Link’s design was discussed. Apparently, the designer of Nintendo’s sprites, Takashi Tezuka, was inspired by Disney when creating our green-garbed hero. Thus, our Link was inspired by Peter Pan!

It must be remembered that the detail one could put into a video game character was extremely limited at the time. Just as Nintendo set Mario apart from other characters by giving him a moustache and a red cap, they also identified Link with an easily recognized outfit. The generic sword and shield were not enough. The iconic green hat and pointy ears were what made Link unique.

Also, the Triforce was discussed during the interview. Miyamoto stated that the Triforce was originally going to be a bunch of electronic chips. Not only that, but the concept of time travel was also considered by Nintendo during that time.

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Source: Gamekult
Via: Cubed3