Yes, to confirm all of our readers’ suspicions, it has in fact been a period of slow Zelda news here at your one-stop-shop for all things Zelda. However, I’m not here to talk about Zelda; I am here to talk about Zelda. This Zelda I speak of has lived in poverty for nearly a decade, overcoming two miraculous obstacles and being an inspiration for all.

This Zelda—is a turkey.

Way back in 1981 the classic arcade game Frogger was released, but it wasn’t until twenty-three years later that Zelda of Battery Park came to realize the true terrifying nature of that game. Zelda appeared as if from no where, like Ocarina of Time Link in The Wind Waker’s introduction, on New York City’s West Side Highway; however, a miraculous event occurred. Instead of Turkey Zelda dodging vehicles, the drivers of said vehicles actually took it upon their generous souls to skid and avoided Zelda.

Zelda eventually evaded authorities and took refuge atop a building; using Cold War tactics, firefighters tracked down Turkey Zelda and covered her in a fire jacket. Placed in Battery Park, Turkey Zelda was allowed to stay there as long as she behaved properly.

With a tale of such great luck and hope, it is no surprise that Zelda recently survived the tragic events of Hurricane Sandy, which struck the United State’s East Coast. Seen here atop this dumpster, Zelda seems to be slowly returning to her “normal” life along with everyone else struck by the storm. We here at Zelda Universe would like to send our thoughts and prayers to all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy and may we draw inspiration from this very special turkey.

Turkey Zelda was named after F. Scott’s Fitzgerald wife Zelda, whom was found in Battery Park after going missing when she had a nervous breakdown. Zelda Fitzgerald was also Miyamoto’s inspiration to name the series we love “The Legend of Zelda.”

*Disclaimer: The film pictured about, Downtown Turkey, does not actually exist.

Source: Gothamist