Welcome to the brand new column! This is called Top Five Tuesday, and for fourteen weeks I will be counting down my top five favorite songs from each Zelda game, starting with The Legend of Zelda, and ending with Skyward Sword!

Today we are going to focus on the wonderful and nostalgic music from a game I wasn’t lucky enough to grow up with: The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Legend of Zelda is possibly one of the greatest games of all time, and arguably changed the gaming industry entirely. None of that pesky story business, you just jump into a world with only adventure in mind! And the music, in glorious 8-bit, was the beginning of a long line of amazing music from the Zelda franchise. But enough about that, let’s get on with the show! Hit the jump, and get ready for the beginning of Top Five Tuesday!

Number Five: Title Screen

This song started it all. The adventure, the legend, the hours upon hours you’d spend discovering every secret in the game to impress your friends, and unlock the hidden treasures in Hyrule. This song is one of the most iconic songs in the Zelda franchise, and I believe it rightfully owns the spot at number five, if not because of the amount of times it has been stuck in my head, for the nostalgia factor.

Number Four: Labyrinth Theme

I don’t know why this song is so catchy, but it is. There isn’t a ton I can say about this song, but I do think caves are cool, and so the “Labyrinth Theme” gets number four on my list! As far as dungeon music goes, I this is one of my favourite songs, and makes the prospect of entering a dangerous labyrinth sound so much sweeter.

Number Three: Ending Theme 

After an amazing adventure through Hyrule, you should rightfully expect a catchy tune while the credits roll, and The Legend of Zelda doesn’t disappoint. The “Ending Theme” is one of my favourite songs, and I am happy to have it as number three on the first Top Five Tuesday! The ending of a game is always important, and the ending of The Legend of Zelda suits this song perfectly.

Number Two: Death Mountain

The end is near! And your quest is even more dangerous as you venture through Death Mountain. This song sums up the feeling of this part of the game perfectly. There is a sense of urgency written into this song, and it makes you feel like your adventure is close to being done, but not before an epic battle the could end your life, or could save all of Hyrule. Either way, this song is sure to get you going, and ready to finish your great journey.

Number One: Overworld

How could you expect anything other than this theme as my number one favorite song in The Legend of Zelda? This is easily one of the best pieces of music in the franchise, and possibly the most well-known, and loved songs from Hyrule. The Legend of Zelda presented the idea of an open-world, where you could explore to your hearts content, and always find a new secret hidden somewhere. The Overworld in The Legend of Zelda changed the gaming industry forever, because now it wasn’t about your high-score nonsense; it was about the adventure! It was about the questing, and the exploration of a fantasy world with monsters, and magic! Overworlds are one of the most unique things about Zelda games, and this is what started it all. With a catchy tune like this, and the added nostalgia factor for everyone, even people who didn’t experience the game when it came out.

Thank you for tuning in to the first Top Five Tuesday, and make sure to check back next week for another one!