Well crafted, tradition Zelda art takes a tremendous amount of time to create; moreover, a sped up version of the filmed progress multiplies the piece into two forms—the physical canvas and a cinematic experience. With this specific Twilight Princes style painting, the viewer is taken on Shanna May’s journey as she spends weeks working on this canvas, which also happens to be for sale.

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This fantastic, mega-sized (40″x30″) painting, was painted using oil colors and took approximately three weeks to create. The original canvas is for sale on Shanna’s website for £650.00 GBP (approximately $1,053 USD). Prints and A2 size posters of the painting are also available for £1.99 GBP (roughly $3.23 USD) and £8.00 GBP (roughly $12.97 USD) respectively.

View Shanna paint her creation below!

Source: YouTube

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