Hello, Universe! I’m Rusty, here to bring you another Music Monday with an abundance of adjectives! Today we shine the Music Monday spotlight on one of the most iconic songs in the Zelda series, “Song of Storms”! I think this is one of the only Zelda songs almost everybody–fan or not, knows and can appreciate, which makes it fantastic remixing material. I have two amazing techno remixes of “Song of Storms”, and I’m excited to share them with you all!

You can hit the jump to hear both of them! 

One of my favourite “Song of Storms” remixes, by a very talented friend of mine! YouTuber GlitchxCity usually focuses on Pokémon remixes, but expanding to Zelda is great, and hopefully we’ll hear more Zelda remixes from her in the future! For this awesome feat in “Song of Storms” remixing history, GlitchxCity gets my Music Monday thumbs up for this week!

A little known treasure on Youtube by iDMbeatz, who with that skill will not be a little known treasure much longer. Amazing, amazing work. The song flows beautifully, and the beat is incredible. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more Zelda remixes from iDMbeatz, because the world needs more talent like that!

Thank you for tuning in and reading another Music Monday, and make sure to check back again next week for another one!