It has been a while since we’ve updated you about the plethora of Wii U rumors and news infiltrating  the internet. I’m here now to bring everyone up to speed in a nice organized manner.

Head inside to read all the current Wii U news and rumors!


GamePad May Suffer From Latency

We start out with a small packet of bad news: the Wii U GamePad may suffer from latency. ShackNews recently got to try out the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 and gave this statement:

“I actually preferred playing exclusively on the GamePad, as it was less confusing than the TV hybrid play. However, I felt as though there was a tiny bit of latency. My response time felt slightly slower than when playing on the TV — makes sense, given the Wii U GamePad is receiving a wireless video feed.”

The lag in response may have been caused by the fact that the Wii U running the game is an early development model and not the final product that will hit store shelves later this year. Hopefully that is the case and all games streamed to the GamePad will suffer no latency.

Source: ShackNews (via NintendoLife)

Developers Excited For Wii U’s Download Service

Nintendo has not had major success with its downloadable content on its previous consoles; however, Gaijin Games co-founder Alex Neuse mentioned a rumor that developers are being given more direct control over sales and promotions of their titles. Also, Collin van Ginkel, co-founder of Toki Tori mentioned his excitement and the importance of the Wii U’s online e-shop:

“A new powerful platform, a new controller and a Nintendo that’s excited about having a digital shop on it. What else could we ask for!”

With a robust online community and e-shop, the Wii U is ready to make a dent in the online gaming community!

Source: Gamasutra (via NintendoLife)

Wii U Launching In The United States On Black Friday?

Those not familiar with American terminology, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, which this year falls on November 23. Sprouting  from a Gamestop employee in New Jersey, the Wii U is rumored to launch the same week as Black Friday with preorders starting next week. Also, certain titles listed at $49.99 are not estimates but actual prices.

Source: GoNintendo

Wii U’s Achievement/Trophy System Deemed “Wii U Accomplishments”

It has been rumored for the past few months that the Wii U would include some system that would track achievements, similar to its console competitors. A NeoGAF user recently leaked this screenshot (which has now been removed) of the “Career Design Document” for an upcoming game that is set to release in 2013. Included in the image is a column for “Wii U Accomplishments.”

Source: MyNintendoNews

“Good Stuff” Coming To Nintendo Fans Soon

If you’re a fan of extremely vague rumors that spark tons of excitement, then you’ll love this one! Nintendo didn’t make an appearance at Gamescom this past week to announce any breaking news, but Official Nintendo Magazine Editor-In-Chief, Chandra Nair, released this tweet last week:

What is this “good stuff” spoken about? Time can only tell!

Source: Twitter (via MyNintendoNews)

Best Buy Begins Advertising Wii U: “Coming Soon”

This is just a small tidbit of news coming from electronics superstore Best Buy. They have recently set up Wii U store displays that read, “Coming Soon.” Exciting customers who see this in the store, perhaps this signifies a pre-order date in the near future; nevertheless, their website’s Wii U page has included the same words since the beginning of summer.

Source: MyNintendoNews

Nintendo Land Won’t Be Bundled Wii U?

Nintendo has made it evident on many occasions that Nintendo Land is a “Full game” with levels and plenty of content. This may mean it won’t be bundled with the Wii U console, as Wii Sports was with the Wii. To add solidity to this rumor, recently listed the game as a stand alone title. What are your thoughts for bundling Nintendo Land with the console? Would you still pick up the title if it were sold separately?

Source: (via MyNintendoNews)

Mobile Developers Working With Wii U

Emily Rogers, a writer for Not Enough Shaders, has recently stated that Nintendo is pulling in mobile developers for the Wii U. Star Beast, a new mobile game,  is in development for mobile devices, PC and the Wii U. It will be released on the Nintendo eShop; however, the genre and release date have not yet been revealed. How do you think mobile games adapted for the Wii U would fare?

Source: MyNintendoNews

GameStop Taking Wii U Pre-Orders August 28th?

It was mention earlier in a rumor that the release date of the Wii U around Black Friday for America; further information from GameStop suggests pre-orders may begin as early as August 28th! A GameStop management meeting is apparently scheduled on that date and the Wii U is rumored to be the focus of the meeting. Hopefully this rumor holds up and committed consumers can secure their Wii U console early and not be stressed by the busy Holiday season.

Source: NeoGAF (via MyNintendoNews)

Patent Reveals GamePad Serves As Second Screen

This Nintendo patent shows a multiplayer game being played by two participants: one using the television screen and the other using the GamePad as a secondary screen and sensor bar. This suggest that while playing a multiplayer game, those involved won’t necessarily have to face the same display or be near one another. This could completely eliminate the most often tool of cheating in the FPS genre when played locally: looking at the other person’s screen to reveal their location in relation to your own position.

Source: MyNintendoNews

Separate Audio For Wii U Gamepad And TV Confirmed

Bringing you the first piece of solidified news in the post, I am glad to say that it has been confirmed that the GamePad and television will allow for separate audio to be sent to each one. This may have been possible with the speaker on the Wii’s controller, but it’s nice to know that the Wii U will share this same capability and have the opportunity to utilize this function to a greater degree.

Source: Twitter (via MyNintendoNews)

Wii Games Will Be Playable On The Wii U GamePad?

Being one of the more “it just makes sense” rumors, this being speculated comes as no surprise. According to Spanish Wii U brand manager Pepe Arcas, it is possible to stream Wii games to the GamePad and then use its integrated sensor bar to point the Wii remote towards the touchscreen. This hasn’t been confirmed or denied as of yet by Nintendo.

“We still don’t know if you can play Wii games in the Wii U GamePad. It’s not confirmed, we don’t have any information yet, but as you say (speaking to the interviewer) Wii U is… you can play old Wii games, and as you also said, the Sensor Bar is included in the Wii U GamePad, so you are able to point the Wii Remote at the Wii U GamePad. It makes sense, but we have no information or confirmation about this feature.”

What are your thoughts about playing a Wii game on the GamePad?

Source: MyNintendoNews

Wii U launching in Australia on December 6th?

It was speculated earlier that the Wii U would launch Black Friday week in America; now Australia can have their fair share of Wii U release date speculating fun as well. Kotaku Australia reported on an anonymous tip, from a local Australian retailer that the Wii U is set for a December 6th launch in Australia. This date would be appropriate considering Nintendo’s past hardware releases in Australia: the Wii was released on December 7th in Australia, which was a Thursday. December 6th of this year also happens to be a Thursday, and that’s the day of the week Nintendo usually releases hardware. Should we believe this rumor? Let us know below!

Source: Kotaku Australia (via GoNintendo)

Portion of Wii U Leaked Specs Confirmed By Ubisoft

Back on the day before E3 this portion of Wii U specs was leaked and rumored to be true.

AMD GPU7 R700-Based processor

“GX2″ named API for Wii U

32MB embedded DRAM capable of 720p 4x MSAA or 1080p rendering in a single pass

This description was recently found on Ubisoft’s Rémi Génin LinkedIn profile:

 I currently work on a multi-platform game engine (PC-DX9, WiiU-GX2) during the production of “The Raving Rabbids 6″.

– Maintenance and optimization of the proprietary engine.

– Improvements on the soft shadows system (VSM, PCF, cascades).


This confirms the GX2 API from the leaked specs. Does this mean the other two leaked specs are also true? Leave your opinions down below!

Source: LinkedIn (via GoNintendo)

And finally I leave you with several minutes of Wii U gameplay that appeared at Gamescom this past weekend in Germany! Enjoy!

Which one of these Wii U games are you most excited about and why?

Source: YouTube (via GoNintendo)