As most of you know, Link’s Awakening DX has been available for download on the 3DS store. This classic remake was popular at its original release, but is it still getting the praise it deserves? 1UP’s Retronauts have a review to show you just how underrated Link’s Awakening may be.

Keep reading to see what they think of this classic game.

Andy Peterson, an article writer at 1Up, has an article on Link’s Awakening DX for the 3DS. He starts off by describing how lighthearted the game is. With obvious references to several other Nintendo games, Link’s Awakening is constantly throwing little bits of humor in. His next praise was for the difficulty. The Legend of Zelda was a difficult game with very, very little direction. Counter this with Spirit Tracks, which held your hand the whole journey. Peterson says that Link’s Awakening was the right difficulty. It gave you the basics and let you figure the rest out yourself. In addition he likes the pace of the game. The dungeons are short and the overworld isn’t overly large.

As for the negative points he makes, first is how you have to pause occasionally to remove the shield to use another item. To do a fast jump, you have to unequip the sword, a fact which is unpleasant to most gamers. His other problem is the gameplay pauses when you pick up a dropped guardian acorn, or like item. These items pause the game just to show their purpose every time.

Even so, Peterson ends with a praise of how great the game is all-around. With its right difficulty, its pace, and lightheartedness, he claims that Link’s Awakening may be the best of all the Zelda games.

So what do you think of his review? Do you agree with what he says, or do you think he missed some other selling points of the game? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

Source: 1Up (via GoNintendo)