Link is gonna take home the gold…sorta. GamesRadar has an article on which video game characters would win the gold in an Olympic competition, and Link is one of those characters.

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Link wasn’t able to win first in equestrian with Epona, but he was able to win first in archery. Here’s why according to GamesRadar:

The phrase “making your mark” may not be the Olympic tagline for archery, but it’s certainly not far off. In an event that’s dominated by precision and accuracy, who better to take home the gold than the revered Legend of Zelda protagonist, Link? Though he hasn’t always carried a bow and arrows, Link’s archery skills have developed substantially, and are now as finely honed as his impressive swordsmanship.

His ability to handle a bow spans from the largest, most terrifying of enemies to the smallest of switches that need to be activated. No aspect of this sport will surprise him; he’s up for overcoming any challenge. And who knows; he may also pioneer a new series of archery utilizing everything from bomb arrows to ice arrows.

This is just the competition Link won. Head over to GamesRadar to see the other 10 winners.

So what do you think? Would Link win gold, or should some other video game character win? Should he win any other Olympic sport? Tell us below in the comments.

Source: GamesRadar