Pikmin 3

Last week we posted some vlog-style videos from E3 that gave you a glimpse into what it was like to be at the exhibition. Now it’s time to get into what everyone’s really interested in: the games! We’ll be posting a series of videos featuring impressions of the games that the ZU team who attended E3 got to play. The first in this series is Pikmin 3.

Stay tuned for more of these videos, including of course one about The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest.

  • VanitasXII

    Pikmin 3, this video, and Nintendo as a whole are so awesome. I wonder, how will the "Video gameplay to YouTube" feature work though, I hope we can stream more than 30 seconds! Pikmin 3 walkthrough is already on my list of walkthroughs! 😀

  • kaiser13576

    ….I have also never played Pikmin.