Let the E3 madness begin! It has been confirmed that New Super Mario Bros. U will be available for Nintendo’s next gen console. With the reveal of the trailer, fans will be pleased to hear that all of the original elements that made Mario great will be back again, including Yoshi and the tanooki suit. It should also be noted that New Super Mario Bros. can be fully streamed and playable exclusively on the Wii U game pad. Another aspect added to Mario’s new adventure is something called “Boost Mode”. This mode will feature four players using original Wiimote controllers and one using the new Wii U game pad. The player using the game pad will have the ability to place blocks in the environment and aid players to accomplish a new speed run record.

  • Amanda

    seriously…. gonna rip my hair out soon, i think they're going a little overboard with mario considering they had wanted to attract more hardcore gamers….could have at least went 3d… like maybe sunshine 2? ugh..not impressed so far

  • X_factor

    I don't know. Yeah maybe I'm a little tired of the traditional Mario but that new Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion looked pretty cool. A new Sunshine could be a good change of pace. Or… ya know… a new Zelda… can't say no to that:)

  • Amanda

    or another star fox? so many things they could have done….there is a lot of disappointed people right now. the only thing i am excited about is luigis mansion because i loved the first one, and ill probably try out paper mario. i heard of both of those games before E3, the wii u should have been in the spotlight and they should have produced more games….i knew that we wouldnt get a new zelda for the wii u, but i had expected more big titles…and that nintendoland thing… looks extremely childish to me and like it would get old quick just like the wii sports.

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