With no Zelda (other than the Nintendo Land mini-game, which I don’t count) news at E3 2012 so far, it’s an awesome time to create some drama, and some rumors. So how better to spread the word than play on something so much of us want to see on 3DS screens everywhere? Make an amazing Majora’s Mask 3D trailer!

Hit the jump to see this incredible Majora’s Mask 3D fan-made trailer!

Well, do you think it’s too late to have a shock Zelda game revealed? Did you believe this was real? We can always hope!

Thank you to Geoff for the tip!

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  • MYK1217

    Just the thought of the possibility of it being real when I first saw it made me nearly have a heart attack from sheer excitement. But after calming down, logic settled in and I was convinced it was fake. For one thing, Nintendo wouldn't have completely redone the graphics and make them look this sick and not put it on Wii U. The whole idea of Majora's Mask 3D being possible in the first place is the existence of OoT3D and knowing that Nintendo could use that game engine to remake MM because that's of course how MM came to be on the N64, so it seemed kind of silly that they would completely re-do the graphics and just put it on 3DS. Also, I just couldn't buy that Nintendo would release a remake that probably wouldn't make use of anything that makes Wii U (or even the Wii) special, unless they really wanted to show how powerful the system was. It really wouldn't make any sense, but man, it was fun to dream about it!

    • Taylor

      Definitely fake, but inventory management on the touch screen (especially all those masks) and aiming with the gyro controls would improve on the original and show off what Wii U can do that other systems can't. Maybe inflating Deku Link's bubbles by blowing into the mic? Nah, that's a bit too gimmicky. Could make a neat tech demo, though.

    • bryce

      sometimes the trailer makes the game look really fake but you don't have to be so optimistic

    • Pie Master

      It is fan-made, it's written there on the article
      Nonetheless, other than the toony art style unbefitting of MM the trailer looks good

  • Fareti

    That is the most beautiful trailer I have seen to date. I suggest a feature length movie adaptation of the game using these graphics. Some work will need done to make it flow.

  • Sorry to disappoint, but it's clearly a fake. The soundtrack is from Donnie Darko (as seen here:

    ) and Sp0ntanius' Song of Healing on wine glasses video:

    Nintendo wouldn't be using other people's music when they have their own from the original Majora's Mask.
    I'd love for MM to be made one day, it's my all-time favourite Zelda game/ game ever, but unfortunately this isn't legit.

    • weevil17

      ah.. notice the title 'fan made trailer' we all know this is not a actual Nintendo made trailer.

  • Keith

    Well we can't write off the possibility of a Zelda game tomorrow. I think the reason they talked about NSMB2, Paper Mario: SS, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon briefly today might be so that they can just knock them out in around 5-10 minutes tomorrow. Which would leave a lot of time to fully reveal a 3DS Zelda game.

    I'll be completely honest here and say that its not that likely of a reveal since we're still coming off of the Skyward Sword high. They may want to let it breathe for the rest of 2012 and then announce either a Wii U or 3DS Zelda title next year. Or maybe both. Who knows really at this point. But we can't totally write it off just yet.

    I'm pretty sure that there will be some big revealings tomorrow, but as to what they will be, we'll have to wait and see.

  • Frigis

    I find it odd how in the article it calls it a Majora's Mask 3D trailer when the video title specifically states that its for the WiiU. Regardless I'm unsure if it is fake or not. Nintendo still has one more show to go through, and they haven't revealed the three initial WiiU games that they teased us with earlier. (One being 33 characters, one being 27, and another being 19). And "The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask" Fits the 33 character tease (if you count the ' ).

    However I have doubts Nintendo would go to such far lengths to make a Majora's remake on WiiU when they could've made one for 3DS for much cheaper and more easily.

  • bob

    I really wish the graphics were re-done like that because it looks amazing, but I highly doubt they'll be re-done

  • AwesomeT21

    I really think that a Majora's Mask 3D will be announced next year. It just feels a little early for it right now.

  • weevil17

    theres no way that there will be two zelda games in one/one half year. don't get your hopes up. i wouldn't even want one because then it wouldn't be made very good.

  • guest

    This trailer is beautiful. Even though it's fanwork it's better than anything I saw at the conference this morning.

  • Nik

    Please make this game for the wii! What are you waiting for?Please make this for he wii!

    • weevil17

      i hope you mean Wiiu.

  • Vladislak

    I seem to recall either Miyamoto or another Nintendo official stating that while Majora’s Mask 3D is certainly a possibility, they’d like to focus on a new title instead of releasing two remakes one after another.

    So if we keep asking Nintendo to make Majora’s Mask it might happen, but not before a brand new Zelda title is released.

  • This is beautiful. I have no words for this. Goosebumps all over me. Im gonna cry when this is confirmed voor wiiu of 3ds <3/.

    • Zelda&Mario Fan_3607

      lol what about "Groosebumps"?

  • Amanda

    isnt it kind of sad that a fan can make more of an impact then nintendo themselves? how awesome would this be? i would be so excited, if they had added more temples changed the game up a little bit, it technically doesnt make sense to do it, and seems like if they wanted to go in this direction they would have done it with ocarina of time, but awesome either way. I hope the next zelda on the wii u will have more of this adult theme like the old games had…something along these lines with good graphics it would be an amazing game.

    • guest

      It is kind of sad, but yeah, this fan trailer was more fun to watch then the lack of Zelda/StarFox/Metroid/Kirby/SSB announcements at the actual conference. I'm still looking forward to tomorrow's 3DS conference, though. I'm not giving up hope for some mind-blowing announcements! (And hoping that one of those will be Majora's Mask 3D)

  • Zelda&Mario Fan_3607

    Honestly, I might even go another round with MM even though I don't like how Navi doesn't come back, and how disappointingly easy Majora was. MM and ALttP are the 2 games out of all of them I wouldn't mind getting a remake of. (Especially if they had a harder mode of each game!) This is a well made fan trailer! The Mario mask creeped me out though.

  • Ashmic

    An easy way to tell if its fake is it shows 0 game play only those 2 characters showing the creator is presenting us with the only matter he has made

  • XanDuhV

    Fuck. If a "Fan" made that lets get a group together and make the damn game ourselves! Stick it to the man!

    • guest

      Nintendo should probably get their act in gear before fans actually do this and they lose their chance to make money on it.

  • XanDuhV

    Where the proof its fanmade? here could be a Zelda 3ds Majoras mask shown tommorow. 😛

    • weevil17

      #1 mario mask
      #2 not actual zelda music
      #3 Nintendo wouldn't leak a new trailer before E3 if its supposed to be a surprise.

      • Arya

        Despite knowing this is a fanmade trailer. The Mario mask exists in the original.

    • MYK1217

      Look above to OllieRaiden's comment. The music used in the trailer was taken straight from various outside sources, like Sp0ntanius' Song of Healing on wine glasses. That's the best proof. Also, there's no branding, which I guess isn't 100% proof, but it's still something you'd expect to see. Usually we'd see the Wii U/3DS logo and maybe the Nintendo logo appear at the beginning or end.

  • SV-art

    If its fan made then nintendo needs to gif him a job !!!!!

  • Monaster

    …The Happy Mask Salesman is even creepier with these graphics. I didn't think that was possible.

  • MYK1217

    I know this is fake, but I want to go back to day dreaming for a little bit. One thing that would make this EVEN BETTER is if it was a Master Quest version of the game with rearranged dungeons. I'll be honest, as beautiful as it looks, it may lose its charm at some point if the puzzles are the exact same and there wasn't anything new added to the gameplay.

    Who's with me? A harder version of Majora's Mask with this graphical style? DO IT, NINTENDO!

  • MYK1217

    It looks like the creators have revealed themselves. In the description of the original video:

    "Created by Pablo Belmonte (psyco3ler) and Paco Martinez (Odewill) (http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=odewill#/d3f8a09)
    we are creating this small test for the "big N" as a proposal for make this project true.
    We work in the game industry and we are in love with this idea long time ago.
    The music are totally provisional. We worked for long time in concepts and designs, but for the real production we expend only one (hard) week, thats the reason of some "bugs" in animations and postproduction that we want to fix soon.

    We hope that you enjoy and help us with your support."

    So this is pretty much just a hardcore proposal to Nintendo to remake Majora's Mask with this kind of look. So really, the way I see it is that it wasn't made with the intention of tricking people during e3 (though I'm sure they knew it'd happen inevitably), it was released at this time to gather attention. If it was released at any other time, people would have assumed it was fake right away. But because it was posted during e3, it created a buzz, and more people are passionate about their idea. These people are pretty damn smart petitioners is what they are. I applaud their fandom.

    • MYK1217

      In fact, you can maybe call this a job application… a really freaking stylish job application!!

      See, this is EXACTLY why I disagreed with people saying "This can't be fake! Too much work was put into it to not be a real trailer." But to me, it's a couple of guys pursuing a dream. And I think that's awesome.

  • Tim

    Nintendo should someday make a remake of MM, and later refurbish OoT and MM for the Wii U as digital downloads. But they shouldn’t make it like this trailer, they need to focus on new games.

  • Zelda Fan

    Not true for MM! MM has already been made so all nintendo really has to do is make it compatible for system in question, retexter it, and add any extras that they wish to add if any like making it 3d or new lvls, or new items ect.

  • Noami

    I want to see Shigeru Miyamoto reaction to this!! The character style and animation and facial expression they pull off is amazing!! It all fits well together. This was done in one week??? WOW truly Impressed!!

    They should hire these guys and remake the game in this style,I would replay and replay it,be a collecter classic all over again!!

  • Adventurous Knight

    I have to say, this is some really good animation for a fan-made trailer!!

  • Anonymous

    The Happy Mask Man has reached a whole new level of creepy. :p

  • Charolette Siemens

    How come you dont have your site viewable in wap format? cant see anything in my netbook.

  • WHAT will it take to convince Nintendo!?