Happy Music Monday! Or, Happy Day Before E3 Day! I’m Rusty, and you are probably just as excited about E3 as I am! Today, I will try to distract you (probably unsuccessfully) from the excitement, and share some amazing Zelda fan music! If you are a follower of me on Youtube, you know I am a big user of the marimba in my arrangements. What can I say, I love me some marimba, buddy. So, that is our Music Monday focus for today!

I have found two fantastic marimba medleys, one from the best music of Ocarina of Time, and the other a random assortment of popular Zelda music, played at a school music show! To view these amazing videos, hit the jump, and prepare to have your mind blown by the sheer awesomeness.

That is seriously one of the best musical Zelda medleys I have ever heard, and I’m very, very surprised it doesn’t have millions of views by now. I can’t even begin to imagine the work that went into that, and all of the work in learning the songs! BranBranRey on Youtube has a few other marimba covers, so I would advise checkin’ him out!

First, I have to have a fanboy moment here, and just note how incredibly awesome that would be to see that at school. Second, I have to congratulate those musicians on their performance, because it was fantastic. Third, I am dying to hear more. Daren360thereal1 on Youtube, I demand more marimba covers from you and your friends!

So, some amazing marimba covers, right? I am so happy with this week’s Music Monday! Stay tuned for the next Music Monday, and make sure you find out when the Nintendo Press Conference at E3 starts in your timezone tomorrow! Here’s hoping for Zelda news at E3!